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Friday, June 4, 2010

Why I am So addicted with CSIs (aside for Jakey)

For the longest time, the only TV series I never failed to watch or download are the CSIs and House,MD. And I am just so tired waiting for the next season (CBS/Fox, please grant my request!)

Reasons why I love and keep watching the series:
  • I love how they solve the mysteries of life and death of a person (may it be related to them in any possible way or how it touches the character's lives)
  • Forensic is a field that always caught my interests - How every small details entangled, stamped in a dead man's body is a big leap for a case to be solved

  • The characters in the series - How they affect me as a viewer and still caught my attention in their career and personal lives in the series
  • I love the twists of each character's personality and the intrigues of each lives.
  • I love the stories of "serials" wherein I keep on following and waiting what will happen with the "to be continued..." episode and/or return of the "serials" in the season
(Some) Episodes that I love
  • In CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas), I am so affected with Warrick's death! I just wished it didn't happened. I cry everytime I get to see this episode. But it's one of the major turn-outs and the whole series just turned 360 degrees!
    • One of the given reasons why Gil Grissom took a break from the series and resigned (I just wished he would returned for the next season or may be at least few episodes -- this will really make me feel happy.. 
    • Seeing Warrick dies in the arms of Grissom and how he wanted to save his life
    • The message of Warrick seen by the CSIs in his apartment (for paternal custody of his son) as he considered Grissom as his father
    • The necrological service of Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan) and the speech relayed by Grissom in behalf of his team -- The sadness in his eyes were so real, and the viewers could feel it.

    Download link: via 

    • Episode wherein Grissom as anthropologist was showcased, proved and used to reverse the court's decision with pig as his test animal.
    • The Sara Sidle serial killer - the killer who make miniatures of how the victim would die.

    •  CSI: Miami Episodes:
      • Planned death/murder of Horatio Caine
      • Episodes of Delcko (near death situations)
      • Death of Speedle - I didn't expect this to happen early in the seasons (why did they killed his character?)
      • Episodes shot in Brazil

    • CSI: NY
      • Last episode wherein they encountered a situation inside their Laboratory 
      • How Taylor met Dr. Ashley
      • Near death episode of Stella
      • Death of Angel (why why and why??!) - feel terribly sorry for Flack (I just love them both!)

    There are too many episodes I love with the three CSIs.. but every episodes leave a mark in my mind that I, myself consider their biggest fan... Can't wait for their upcoming season!

    For download of episodes: click here

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