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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blogs from the Web

Here are some of the blogs from the web that feature us.
Thank You!

From an Event Planner: Alice's Wonderland by Bambi Hernandez

Hello Kitty Picnic 1st Birthday (October 9, 2010)

The classic red and blue Hello Kitty was the theme for baby girl Olivia’s 1st birthday.  Her mom picked that theme since she said Olivia looked like Hello Kitty whenever she would smile, and I had to agree with her after meeting the sweet angel!
The old-school illustrations of this popular Sanrio character were refreshing to see again, especially nowadays when Hello Kitty seems to have shed the reds and the blues, and donned everything pink in its myriad shades.
Come and see how Hello Kitty brought Olivia and her guests to a “happy picnic land” for a fun birthday afternoon :)
Red and white checkered table linens really “picni-fied” the space.  The white foldable garden chairs added so much appeal too.
See the kiddie stools below which were the party giveaways for the kids featuring Hello Kitty and her cute boyfriend :) I love the bow-tie detail! So adorable.
We also gave out picnic baskets to the kiddies with bottled water, milk, cookies, and a red apple.
Red paper pompom centerpieces with daisies in a basket! Plus, care for some fresh milk and cookies? YUM! Mommy provided these afternoon treats.
Here’s our dessert table :)
I don’t really use much balloons when I decorate, but I can’t deny how appealing they are to kids :)  They are happiness on sticks (or strings)!

 and for her another client:

A Shabby-Chic Twin Birthday Party (July 30, 2011)

Twins are double the fun and double the joy! 
Sabrina and Samantha celebrated their 2nd Birthday in Shabby-Chic style, which the mom wanted to achieve by bringing a dose of the outdoor gardens in.  We transformed a penthouse residence into a land of floral prints, inspired by Rachel Ashwell’s world of “perfect imperfections.”
Mixed floral patterns for the linens, and brown garden parasols decorated with white lanterns flanked Sab & Sam’s dessert table.  White glass lanterns with flowers inside were the centerpieces for the tables.
Photos of the twins (taken by Karen Ilagan) were displayed on the tables together with fun facts about them.  
Another “wow” cake by Olive Chan of All Caked Up.  I love the little bird perched on its middle layer! Too cute!
Cupcake giveaways for the adults.
More giveaways for the adults! We had tote bags custom made with Shabby-Chic fabric as their straps.  Also below, yummy BIZU Macaron de Paris in candy-colored hues.
Kids brought home little stools which we also had custom made :) I personally love the dragonfly design.
We made the most out of the existing furniture of this penthouse venue and decided to make our own Shabby-Chic lounge area! This was a hit among the adults during the party :)  See the rocking horse too?  Also custom made for the twins.
Happy Birthday Sab & Sam!!!
Are you a fan of the Shabby-Chic look?  Check out Rachel Ashwell’s books for inspirations on this design style :)

A Construction 1st Birthday (September 4, 2011)

I have been so delinquent with my blog posts, I know! And we have a backlog of such great photos to share from our parties during the last quarter of 2011. :)
First up, let me share pictures from our “Construction 1st Birthday Party” for baby Marcus.
The party was done in one of my favorite venues — the Valle Verde 4 Clubhouse.  Mommy Maan had a very distinct idea of how she wanted her son’s birthday to look and feel like, and we were very happy to have done her vision some justice.  Fun road signs marked the entrance of the venue, as well as the significant activity and play areas inside.
Here’s how the inside looked like!
Chairs in a natural wood finish were used, and assorted toys and construction elements like traffic cones and construction hats became part of the centerpieces.
Marcus’ Dessert Table and Mini Gallery.
Time for some details… the cupcakes, cookies, and birthday cake were all done by Angela Colet of Swell Sweets. Personalized bubble water bottles were also added to the dessert table — such cute containers for refreshing H2O! 
TIP: Looking for toppers or other decorative elements for your cake? Take a trip to your toy store and see what small things you can put on your sweets! That’s what we did for Marcus’ birthday cake! That’s a toy bulldozer on top :)
Marcus’ Mini Gallery.
WARNING: Expect Excessive Cuteness!
Awesome cookies in construction tool shapes by French Kiss (  Look for Belle to place your orders through 0915-7010626 :)
Kids got to bring home toolboxes with fun toys courtesy of the Mom!
A simple way we dressed up the chairs — we used ordinary CAUTION tape from the local hardware to spruce up the seats :)
Happy Birthday Marcus!!!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Handicrafts,atbp: Client's Blogs

It's been a while since I post here. I've been busy with everyhting - work, business and Jacob's 2nd Birthday Preps! Anyways, I'm overwhelemed when I googled "handicrafts atbp" and see some blogs about us.. Most of them were clients who ordered and enjoyed what they availed from us. I just want to thank you all for the support you're giving to us.. More Power! 
Let me share some of the links I saw for reference: 
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