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Monday, August 30, 2010

Excited for the Party!

Whew! I can't believe that Jacob's party is less than 3 weeks from now. I am just wishing for 3 three things:
  • No rains,floods,typhoons or any calamities/ uncontrolled situations/incidents on Sept 11 and Sept 12
  • Our invited guests would come and ON Time
  • The Suppliers will me and/or exceed my expectation
Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ms. Venus Raj is Gay! Just like Me!

You may wonder why I consider myself Gay?! I am not, and in fact I am a Mother already - but, like Ms. Venus Raj - we both are Gays!

Common denominator with Ms. Raj:
I don't know her personally but I think she has lots of Gay friends like I do - fact?! Major - Major!!

Anyways, I just wanna say "Congrats" to you Gurl, Ms. Venus Raj! You made us proud - and for a while we left bad memories and incidents of Quirino Hostage behind. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I love my Candy Station DIYs!

I just love doing arts and crafts for Jacob's Party!
And now, the big day is near, I'm almost done with my Party DIYs!

Candy Station
-I always wanted sweets for the party, so, aside from the Dessert Station from My Chocolate Heaven, i decided to come up with my version of Candy Station!!

Since, it's a Kid's Party, I just bought 2 glass candy containers and will use more of colorful pail/bucket I bought from Toys R Us for a peso power of P10.00 (US$ 0.22)

on the right

Since, I love pulvorons and macaroons, and I just want to present it the way it should be without buying porcelain layers or cake layers.. 
I'm a Supermom/DIY Queen-wanna-be!, I come up with these ideas? Whatcha think?
I'm super loving it!

to put "Cedric" on top

Friday, August 13, 2010

We are Now Accepting Orders from outside the Philippines!

We are now expanding!
We want to cater clients all around the world!

We are accepting and ready to ship orders all over the Philippines and outside the country too!

For more details, pls contact us:

shop: click here

I met a Bogus Seller and a Buyer All in one Week!

When I thought of selling our items online - one only thing that came to my mind is TRUST.. I need to trust my clients and be patient answering queries, SMS, emails and even PMs. I even ship items to them even if they didn't send a single centavo to me from the beginning - I don't want to question them and I just need to trust my instinct that they will repay what good thing I have done for them.  

But, you can't really avoid people... Bogus Seller and Buyer! Gosh, it's the first time I met both of them and so irritating - can't help but block and send message to them.
How I wish they would have a heart to say sorry or admit they done something wrong - stealing ideas from me and/or she doesn't have money at all!

Sorry to you both.. It's my way of getting back to you....

So pissed...

MY Jacob's Upcoming Party was featured ONLINE!

I am so thrilled!
It's been published thru SP Online
Jacob's Sesame Street Party!!!

I wasn't really expecting it (though, I am hoping.. hehe). Mommyjazz, online contributor and Global Moderator of Smartparenting forum contacted me, that she liked the idea on goldfish and doll centerpieces for a unique/themed Sesame Street Party.
(<-------lower left: Jacob's Party Centerpiece)

Since, I like sharing thoughts and stories, I relayed everything to her, how I DIYs the party table centerpieces and goldifish giveaway idea.
So lovin's this feeling!

Can I just add I'm a proud Mama!?! Haha

It wasn't my first time for SP:
Last May 2010, my letter's been published as letter of the month!
This Aug 2010 , my opinion and thoughts were published on Credit Card 101 topic. 

Congrats to Me!
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No time to Blog!

Now I know, It's really hard to earn money.. You might ask, "is this the first time I ever work or have a job?!"
The answer is NO.. But now, I could really say.. I'm having hard time this is..

Right after I graduated from college, I already start working for hospital.. Had some time off(for couple of months) and then back to work until today.. The only thing I hate with my work is the schedule.. It's really hard time to plan vacations.. But at least it's a 8-5 or a 24-hr duty thing.. and it ends there, right after I step out of the room..

Now, that I am putting business of my own, I could say that it is really hard to earn money. I have to be online and deal with different type of clients (most of them are nice :) ) and sacrifice my usual 8-hour sleep routine. I need to be on the clock and on my mobile 24/7 so I could attend to every question they wanted to know from me. I am not complaining.. It's fun! But sometimes I feel guilty.. I'm not a full-time mom anymore! My schedule is now divided to three! family - home - business.

More guilt?! I now set aside my son's party preparation because of our business. I know, he knows, my parents and husband knows, I am doing this for our family..
Moreover, less time to blog! Haist.. please do bear with me.. 
Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Joy of being an Online Seller

Being in Online/Home-based Business is an accidental thing and very new to me.. It just came out one day and POOF! It Blooms!
Nobody expected it - may be it's really meant for me -- and that's really God's plan for me. I super thank Him for all the good things He showers to me and my family.
But if there are joys of selling online, they are also not-so-nice stories behind it.
  • "Makulit (difficult) clients who keep asking but will not buy
  • Persistent clients who wants a special delivery date/schedule or door to door delivery
But are more of the happiness online selling brought tom since i started it a month ago.
  • Getting to  know and meet people from all walks of life
  • Meeting new friends and in someway connected to you
  • Earning money 
  • The smile I put to their faces once they received the items

To my clients, thank you and God Bless! Until next time..

shop here
Monday, August 2, 2010

Can't Choose - HELP!

Jacob's birthday is fast approaching and I am just as excited as everyone else around him. The clock is ticking.. the day is running .. next thing we know, it's Party Time!
But I still need to fix things for the party - I need your help!
Food cart - food cart and food cart.. Can't choose what to pick!
I already have food station for sweet-toothed guests:
  • My chocolate heaven Dessert Station - I availed their Platinum Package! and added Gourmet Donuts as well.. I'm just so thrilled for this..
  • Party DIY - Candy station named after the famous store in the Sesame Street: "MR HOOPER'S Candy Store!" I already bought jars and buckets for the candies and chocolates for the kids and kids-at-heart. Even the candy lootbag is a DIY - Soo OC mommy!
 But, how about the diabetic guests? (peace) :)
I'm torn between these, please help me pick.. Thank You!