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Friday, June 25, 2010

Excited for the Weekend!

Eventhough I had a stressful week, Saturday and Sunday itineraries are something I always looking forward for the past days... Why?
    The day I became a mom to my baby, Jakey, I totally forgot or may be at least can't find much time to meet my friends, cousins for "gimik-drinking-catch up" session. I love attending to my son's needs.. spending time with him are the best moments of my life - as a mom.. But, every person needs a space to relax, unwind... and tomorrow.. "Count me In!" Can't wait for Red Horse Beers and chit-chats!,
Location: as per plan, it'll be at Festival Mall, Filinvest Alabang Muntinlupa - with my husband, cousins and some new peeps!!

Work - Work - Work
This the result of a "non-functioning laboratory" = more crafty projects for Jacob's Party has been finished and ready for the Party!! 
I made a cardboard pillow box for the party - it will serve as candy Lootbags for the Candy Buffet
The best part of this, I recycled the cardboards which originally meant for the party.. but due to some changes, Now, it will serve as the lootbag! I love it - so proud of it!

SM Star Baby 2010
Everytime we were at the Mall, buying for stuffs for Jacob, I always dream of joining him to Kid's Contest - am I really a Stage Mom? Well let simple say, I am just so proud of him! We were suppose to take him to Photostudio nearby - but, considering the other pictorial we had, Jacob rarely smile to their cameras! It's really difficult for him to smile.. I don't know why... May be is it because he's not too familiar with them? 
So I just decided to take photos using my digicam.. I asked my mom to put a white blanket which will serve as him background and dressed him up in a plain colored shirt.
Here are the sample pics and I can't wait to send it to them! Please comment below, Ir eally need an honest opinion. Thank You!

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