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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (5th Part)

And now, with the food cart. Originally, I wanted NYFD Food Cart and Nestle Ice Cream or Yoghurt Froz or Shawarma be part of the Jacob's big event. But, with NYFD, I emailed them (twice), no reply was received. I didn't insist...
I love and addicted with White Hat Yogurt, but since they do not have food cart for parties, I decided to have Yoghurt Froz (I took samples from Rustan's Makati Kids Section), I asked for calling card and texted the number indicated. I was so disappointed.. I am really an eager client and willing to pay for their service, but the person who replied to me texted me back that I should call a certain number.. What's the use of tthe Mobile Number indicated on the number if they are not that eager answering queries from clients?!
So, I said to my husband, since I love eating Crepes and I know the guests will surely enjoy taking a bite, why not a Crepe Food Cart?! I "googled" and saw Krispy Krepe Food cart. 
From the previous postings, I think they had some branches at the mall bu now they are home-based. I contacted Jomar, and patiently replied to my queries. The good thing about it? He didn't ask for downpayment..! I just gave it full right after the party.
It's a good thing I availed their service - It's A Big Hit at the party! Long line of guests patiently waiting for their turn to take a bite from Krispy Krepe!

Thank you Krispy Krepe!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (4th Part)

Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (1st Part)
Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (2rd Part)
Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (3rd Part) 

Since Facepainting means party, I included it in my list, and search the most affordable yet professional facepainters. I saw, "partymusthaves" in multiply, and as early as May, I was already booked with them. The good thing about them, they don't ask for downpayment to reserve the my slot! They just contacted my 2 weeks before the event to confirm my reservation. 

A day before the event, they gave me a good offer! P3000 for Kiddie Salon, Facepaint/Hair arts! I just love it! At the event, Jeoff, the owner came with 3 more artists in tow!Moreover, I love the outcome.. the kids had great time with them.From the paint, to the designs, to the glitters and sequins..


rating: 9/10

  • Easy to deal with! 

  • Love the designs and the number of artists in tow to cover the whole event!

    Partymusthaves by Geoff and Jaja 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (3rd Part)

Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (1st Part)
Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (2rd Part)

Since I left Prestige Tower Roofdeck to prepare for the party, I just asked Ms. Kristine (Kiko's Balloons) and Ms. Salou (Prestige Tower) to setup the Candy Station which was supposedly my project. But since I cannot do it anymore on time, I really need their help!
When I got back, I just saw a beautifully decorated/arranged Candy Station!  The DIY 3-tiered plate project was placed the way I wanted it... Also, the candies,chocolates.. and my DIY candy cups (replaced candy lootbags). 

My cousin Dada with the Candy Station

Some of the guests took photos of what they got from the station. 
I'm just so proud of myself and the people who helped setting up Mr. Hooper's Candy Station".

I bought assorted gummies (worms, rings, teeths), gumballs, egg-shaped chocolates, chocolate coins, mallows, chocolates,etc. Most of them were bought at Divisoria Mall (basement area). At first, I was kinda hesistant but the seller assured me that they're safe to eat and school canteens buy candies from them. Well, I think, now, it's safe to say that they are safe to use/eat in setting up a DIY Candy Station (no guests complained anything from me regarding the candies!)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (2nd Part)

 Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (1st Part)
Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (3rd Part)

When we arrived at the venue to drop off things for decoration, prizes and giveaways, I already saw Erwin (Win)of Sophia photography, very consistent! They already setup the photostudio (photobooth) and ready to take photo!
There are lots of crew present! 2 photographers for the whole party and around 4 persons in-charge of photostudio!
I appreciate the effort and patience taking photos and waiting for Jacob to get in the mood and show his big smile! Can't wait for the raw and photos from them. 

Photostudio Pictures:

more photos: click here

Photos: 1st part: from SophiaPhotography

more photos: click here

rating: 9/10
  • they are very prompt! 
  • very professional though goofy-looking (you won't take them seriously, as if their just playing!)
  • everybody loves the photostudio they setup for the party
  • the only thing, was, they dont have Contract of Agreement (a clearer,detailed one)
Thank You Win and to your team!
Sophia Photography

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (1st Part)

We just had Jacob's Uber Fun Party! And still, I'm still lovin' the feeling and fun family, relatives and friends shared with us (Jojo-Jacob-Grace).
Here's the details of our super memorable event!

Sept 12,2010 
9 o'clock in the afternoon

From Day One, I'd like to have Sushi as part of Jacob's Food menu since we (Jojo and I) love eating those. Fortunately, my Sister-In-Law told us that there's a small sushi store selling beside SM Hypermaket in Makati (formerly Liana's) by Bilao. We checked it out (1 week before the party). By 9 AM, we dropped by at Cash and Carry in Makati to buy extra paper plates and chopsticks for sushi. Then placed order, 2 bilao for P1200 (P600/124 pcs). Not bad at all! 
Store: Gryn Wasabi (Makati)

12:00-1:00 o'clock in the afternoon

We helped prepared my Mother-in-Law and the helper with the Partypacks for Jacob's Party (Kids and Crew's Meal). Prepared 75 styropacks. Meal include Spaghetti, Fried Chicken, Pulvoron and Tetrapack Juice.
To personalized the meal, I made a Partypack sticker for the styro. 

1:00-2:00 o'clock in the afternoon!

And now, we were in a RUSH! Rush going back to Makati to pick up the sushis then made our way to Prestige Tower for the additional decorations from my cousin (from US), giveaways, party prizes, for candy candy station, all to meet the suppliers in person! More stress, party starts at 4PM!

After Prestige Tower, we immediately  drove back to Taguig to prepare and get dressed for the party!
And we are on time :)

When we arrived at the venue, i super love the decors! Thanks to Kiko's Balloon's and Services especially to Ms. Kristine, for super accommodating from Day One!

Entrance Decoration: I asked them to upgrade the pillar to Elmo and Big Bird Shaped Pillar and guess what? They executed it just the way I wanted it!

Stage Decoration: Super Love the backdrops and the balloon decor on the floor! 


Venue Ceiling Decoration: Balloon Drops
I personally asked Ms. Kristine that I wanted Balloon Drops as Main Decor for the ceiling.. And poof! Love the outcome! Super festive-looking knowing that Prestige Tower Roofdeck has low ceiling!

Balloon drops

Additional Ceiling Decors are from my Cousin from States, Ate San - Thank You so much! The decor complemented the whole decoration itself. Perfect fit - as if she knew what to buy!

Swirl Hanging decor (Happy 1st Birthday)

Cake table Arch (right) and Gift table Arch (left)

Cake table arch
My cousins made fun of the decors after the party!

Balloon Burst: 50 mini balloons inside with 20 of those has "You've Got a Prize" Tag

Table Decorations: DIY with Balloons

As per previous blog on Party DIY I prepared for these, they just added balloons to this to make it more exciting!
Sesame street Table Centerpiece

Additional table decoration from my Ate San in US (Super Festive!)

Verdict: 10/10
Super perfect! Why? I may be biased but here's the reasons:
  • I inquired with them about 7 months ago. Other suppliers thought I am just getting ideas with them but Ms. Kristine was so accommodating and prompt in replying to my email queries. 
  • They executed the designs I wanted for the venue
  • They arrived super early at the venue
Contact: Ms. Kristine Pangilinan

By the time we arrived at the venue (Jojo and I), Jacob was already there - we asked MIL to bring Jacob to the venue (she was with Hannah and Ate Francia). Lots of guests were already there, in short, we were on the brink of being late!

I saw lots of people! friends, relatives enjoying the venue and party! The host was already starting with the party - well, just coloring activity while waiting for the other guests. 
I met the host, wife of Mr. Lambert Flores, the one we hired to perform for the party. They handed me the program and told them some alterations - I wanted the cake Blowing on Mid-part of the party before eating time. 

Coloring activity for the kids: I also prepared some sheets for coloring activity. It's a DIY, just google

Jacob with his handheld crayons. (Won't let go of it!)

Party Host:

Party Magic and Bubble Show: Mr. Lambert Flores
 Super awesome performance!

Jacob's Bubble Cake!

We got the chance to be placed inside a big bubble! Super fun!

Other guests also got the chance to be inside a big bubble!

Game/Performance for the Dads!
The host asked the Dads (with special mention for Jojo!) to be on stage. And they danced to the tune of YMCA! Can't wait for the video! Haha..

Verdict: 9/10
The performance was awesome! Thanks. Mr. Lambert Flores. And to top this thing off, he performed the P15,000 Package One for Jacob's party for just the price of Package 2! I really appreciated those he did for the party as well as his crews!
They also arrived early at the party to prepare and made sureevery kids and adult guests were blown by their deeds and performance.

Mr. Lambert Flores

Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (2nd Part)
Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (3rd Part)