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Friday, May 28, 2010

Party DIYs

I already blogged part of this in my previous article, but i wanna share to you the details of DIYs i made for Jacob's Events..

This was last 12 December 2009. I'm really a hands-on-OC-party planner-mom! Here are some i did for his baptismal rites and party..

Giveaways for Godparents:
There are 2 souvenirs/giveaways for those who attended Jacob's Baptism. One is for the guests who were invited to witness and celebrate with us.. The idea of having this party favor is really from me.. I wanted a wooden rattle and searched everyone's haven, The Divisoria..
And for the Godparents, i prepared a basket full of goodies (chocolates and mallows) with a bear, some even had balloons, others don't (I don't know what happened with others) Bought from Divisoria, and arranged by me.
I prepared this and designed it using scrapblog. I printed it on a photo paper and put it in a blank scrapbook (c/o Echo Madamba)
Bad thing about this and lesson learned: I asked my mom to have it place where guests could see this and have it signed. Unfortunately, everyone missed it! Gifts where laid on top it at the entrance table and poof! No one signed it!! Arrggh... The effort of making and designing this makes me feel bad. What i did, i asked Jojo to bring it to his office and have the Godparents and guests sign it at least. Also, that's what i did with my friends. For the upcoming Jacob's party, i don't bother myself making one..
Designed and printed by Me and Jojo
Theme: Blue and Green
2-page invites
Cake design: I gave the cake baker the design i wanted for Jacob's cake.

For Jacob's Upcoming Birthday Party, here are the DIYs i already made and just need to be printed before the event.
(Note: This were taken by my phone, the file format was unable to be recognized )

Theme: Sesame Street Party
Map of the venue

Thank you tags

Table centerpieces - these are 2 or the centerpieces for the tables on Jacob's party. Not yet finished. Take a peek!

Lots of other DIYs to make. I hope it gives you idea on making your little one a perfect party - yes! it's perfect.. with mommy's touch..


Anonymous said...

Hi! i saw your many fun pics! where is marinella's cake located in siniloan. thanks!

Grace Garcia- Anonuevo said...

Along L. de Leon St, in Siniloan, Laguna. Look for Ms. Laura, advise her u saw my blog, Grace Garcia - Jacob's mom blog, bka bigyan ka discount :)

Anonymous said...

where did u buy the wooden rattles in divisoria? thanks

Laia Lorenna Salazar said...

Hi there!
I'm a first-time mom.
my daughter Rila Andriene is just 3 months old.
We are planning to get her dedicated on July.
We just want it to be a solemn event and we're putting up at least 20 guests; 25 at most.
Although it'll just be a simple event(and with the tight budget we have), I still would want something as a giveaway.
Problem is, it's just me and Rila in the house; no help / nanny; so I can't go to divi to shop. Nearest place for a quick shop is at Robinson's Galleria.
I've seen some cute yet cheap items (php25 each) online but they require bulk orders.
I need your help sis.
I'm so into DIY ever since but what do you think I could come up with the limited items the mall has to offer (and the cheapest, please).
any help would be much appreciated.

jhe said...

hi! san po nakabili ng wooden rattle? and how much po?

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