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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birth-DATE to me - Malling and Sakae Sushi Experience

Hello 24! Goodbye 23!
In 2 more days, i'll be another year older! I'm just as estatic as everyone else around me! At 24, I could say I have a good life - career-wise, family-wise and financial-wise (it's almost what I wanted and asked from God)

Last night, we were supposedly out on a date (Jojo and Me) - a casino party night at Resort World in Pque..
A great welcome for my upcoming birthday!!( And to prove that birthday celebrants are lucky in gambling during the birthday week!) But that didn't happened... We were both tired from the our malling/shopping in Makati with Jacob... 

So, this afternoon, we decided to continue with the plan, instead of casino date.. it's a mall date! At first, I am quite disappointed 'cause it is our usual bonding time - nothing special with that.. But I still choose to go, it's better than staying at home watching TV!

1st stop:
Makati (again!)
- since last day, we just stayed for less than 2 hours at SM (just bought Jacob's stuffs and that's it!) we decided to go back and roam around Landmark, Glorietta 5 and Parksquare.

Landmark: There are lots of cute, unique stuffs in there.. Even at cheaper prices than those posted online!
- fire extinguisher coin bank @ P80.00 - sold @ P150.00 online ( one site even sell at P350/each)

- other super cutie coin banks labeled as: for pension fund, for hobby, etc @ P140
- coin bank designed as a vault @ P600+
- and the usual coin banks for cheaper amount
- other stuffs seen and could be bought directly at Divisoria cost P10 higher
 (** same as from the source site:

- my fave drinking glass (though didn't buy one) since 4th yr college! I bought mine at SM (2005) and now they sell it at Landmark at P150. Each glass is labeled as "dancing diva", "rocker", etc so you could choose what personality/label fits you!
- for jacob, we bought a pack (3 bottles) of avent BPA-free bottles at P1200
Glorietta 5:
- the only reason why we went to G5 was National Bookstore (they transferred because of renovation). For some reasons, I don't like G5 --
     a. if you took the underpass from G4 to G5 - such a long route! when you could just walk across from G4!! - such a hassle
     b. it really looks like it wasn't part of Ayala's Plan to build G5

- I love Parksquare because of their Japan Home Center/Daiso where you could find unique stuffs at cheaper price (not all of them after assessment). The last time we went there, I bought a pack of googly eyes (for Jacob's party  and fuzzy wires, plastic popcorn boxes and cheap items. Items were priced from P66-88. 
** Note: it may look like you save moolahs but for some items, you could buy these at the department store for cheaper amount instead. Example, you'll be delighted to see a bathroom furniture at P66 only to find out it only cost P50 at the mall.


- ate light snack at Henlin (siomai for me and Siopao Asado for Jojo) = yumyum!
2nd stop:
SM Mall of Asia
- I wanted to eat Japanese food (I have the right to demand - it's my birth-date remember? *wink*) so we checked out Sakae Sushi at MOA.
Sakae Sushi
- it's a restaurant located at the South Wing (where Hypermarket is located) 2nd Floor near the Computer/Mobile stores.
- I wanted to try their Sushi rotating table, where we could just pick up directly (sushi) for consumption.
- The resto crews are all nice and attentive.
- Gyu don 
- Teriyaki Chicken
- 3 plates of sushi from the table 
 (note: the sushi were placed in a colored plate - posted per customer's table the price of each color)
- bottomless iced tea

ebiko sushi


 tuna mayo sushi

 california maki
(source:google pics)

I enjoyed the eating experience but I think I'm quite not in a "foodtrip" as of that moment.. I haven't finished my food (ate only about 1/4 part of the gyu don!). Here are some of the pics I took from our dining experience at Sakae Sushi.

Jojo and his sashimi

sakae sushi rotating sushi bar

at the right side: color code for the sushi plate and price
at the left: sushi buffet and price (adults and kids)

top: teriyaki chicken for Jojo
below: gyu don for Me

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