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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jacob and his Expedition: A Love-Hate Thing

 Today, is our family date! And since, it's my birthday week, Jojo and I decided to take Jacob out for some malling and shopping. It was his first time at SM Makati!

As a mom, I'm looking forward to this-- family time and shopping spree! At around 2pm, i set and dressed him up -- so cutie! Such a head-turner (I'm so proud of him!).. I made him wear his CK printed shorts and t-shirt (from US by Ate San) and his shooshoos I recently bought at the Expo Mom 3. I brought with me his shades and a cap (for protection).

On our way to Makati, he fell asleep.. May be he was thinking it's a long trip (just like what we always do going back and forth Laguna) and took a nap. Parked at Park Square and Jojo assembled Jacob's Expedition. We need to do this every time we bring his ride (it won't fit in the car's trunk!). I let him sleep quietly in his Expedition.. 

"Such a Head Turner!"

Jacob - he is a head turner! When he's all smiles and make this "giggling" thing everybody say how cute my Jakey is! It's a big compliment for moms like me!

But, when Jacob's in his ride, he is a SCENE STEALER! We always hear people saying "ang ganda naman nun!" "Meron kaya dito niyan sa pinas?" "Ang gwapo nun sakay pati nun sasakyan".. I'm just so proud and smiling at the back of my head hearing these praises for Jacob and his Expe.

When we got to the Baby Section to buy his stuffs, the saleslady approached me and asked if I already registered Jacob in their promo - SM Star Baby - and I said "no".. She wanted me to join Jacob on their contest! (Wow! I love the compliment -- and I gonna do that this coming month)

After sometime, Jacob woke up crying! He don't want to stay in his ride and wanted me to carry him all day! Haist..

Why there's always a love-hate thing between him and his Expe? I just  hope in the near future, he will learn to love his ride and be thankful how useful this to him and to us (me and Jojo).

note: "Expe" is a gift from Ate San from US (not available here in PI unless shipped)

Picture Moments of Jacob and his Expedition

(source: Baby Trend -

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