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Monday, November 7, 2011

An Idea for a Garden Themed Party

 I’ve always wanted to throw a garden themed party, because I think it’s easy to play and coordinate colors with this theme. We had lots of clients who had same party and this I will share some ideas I have in mind (that you may use for your own party!) Since our business is handicrafts, (Handicrafts,atbp) I’ll play with our products :-)

For me, this is the most fun décor a mom could make for her daughter’s party – why? 
You could put all the ideas you have in a small peg, thus will show how creative you are! With the theme, I specifically wanted to use our Pushcart Centerpiece 

Garden Table Centerpiece

My idea is to make a standee of the celebrant (approx 12-14 inches, maybe) and make it look like she’s pushing the pushcart full of flowers. If you have more time, you may put all of these in a base (maybe a square-shaped base). 
Above is a peg I made so that you’ll have a clearer idea on what my table centrepiece ideas would look like. 
Some revisions:
- I’d like the pushcart centrepiece in natural wood color without gloss lacquer/spray. 
- For the base, for a more “gardenish” look, you may buy “Scotchbrite” and use as an alternative to grass (Bermuda grass-looking base) 

I can’t find much photo in my lappy that’s why I used my son (from his 2nd birthday party photo) as the celebrant. ;-) 
For the flowers inside the pushcart, it would be better if you use fresh flowers - any flowers, shrubs will do, especially those with long stems. Just arrange it in a manner that would be seen even from afar (so the guest would appreciate it well). Also, you may put some fake butterflies, bugs as additional décor. 
You can give also as an additional prize for the party! 
Did you like it? :-)

For the stage décor, I’m thinking of having a plain background and just use our letter standee as the main design for the base. Just add up balloons on the floor if you want to or fresh flowers in a plant box (better!) 
Stage Decor

I don’t usually use glass containers for candy stations (since mostly kids are getting and enjoying the area in the party and doesn’t fit our parties ( I think glass containers fits girly-themed parties). But this time, glass containers look good for the theme. 
from the web

An assortment of tall and wide-mouthed containers with colourful candies (try to incorporate the colors of the candies with the theme, if you could). Put letter-cut out of your kid’s name and add up some fake butterflies, fres flowers on the table. And, VOILA! Perfect! 

 Also, another option is Dessert Station: What i meant with this is  NON-candy station. All pastries, sweets, delicacies, cookies, cupcakes and cakes (as long as it's not candy)/ Just place it on nice tray and plates. That would be great,too!

I’ve always wanted to do this with Jacob’s last party but I forgot to coordinate with my friend [who was in-charge with the Photobooth (SEGA Pb)]. (I’ll try to do this with Jacob’s next party).
I’ll hire a photobooth (again!) and instead of giving them the photos, I’ll ask my friend to compile and print all the photos and give it to me before the party ends. It’s quite tedious but really it’s a nice idea! Anyways, photo frame would always be perfect giveaways for this theme – Just make sure all the props including the background of the photo (coordinate with you photobooth [ a garden-looking background]) are present. No other props except for those n’sync with the theme. After they printed out the photos, insert each on the photo frame specially designed for your kid’s party. We had a corporate client who used a truck as the design.


I think it would still fit the theme or better yet a pushcart design (same as the table centrepiece) would be used as the design. Just personalize the Truck’s name with the Celebrant name and party details. And give their own photos after the party! A very nice idea, what you think? 

More ideas will be added here soon. I’m just quite tied up with lots of work, hehe.. 

Happy Readin’