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Friday, May 28, 2010

Brazilian Slimming Coffee: A Review from a User

 Note: This is not a blog promoting or selling anything. It's based solely on my personal experience and opinion.

I've always been skinny and have no problems with my weight, but during the later days of my internship (4th year college), I'm gaining weight! Can't help it! Maybe it's because of the lifestyle I had during those times until I graduated and started working.
At first, I really don't mind at all if I do gain weight-- but one time, I'm scouting for a dress I'll wear for a certain occasion- arrgghh! It won't fits me.... What the heck!
And then came my pregnancy.. Then post-pregnancy... This make me realize I should lose all this weight.. I want to look good for my husband.. I don't want to give him reasons to leave me just because I don't take good care of myself and I really need to boost my confidence of going to beach and wear swimsuits again.. 
One time, I was browsing through SP forum, one of the members is selling Brazilian Slimming Coffee. I was intrigued by it and read the threads.. I decided to contact the seller and she explained everything I need to know.
At first I am worried for the side effects and taboos I would feel if I decided to drink this coffee.. I am working in a hospital and frequent trips to the restroom is a big No no! Such a hassle..But she assured me that it's safe and that won't happen. She even posted the before and after pics of her.. And wow! She really lose weight!!! Still, I managed to browse thru the net about the product and ask my husband if I could give it a try. I ordered 2 boxes from her and tried the product.

- No frequent side trips to the restroom: Yey!! 
- Less eating time and/or portions of the food intake - this may be psychological, but really it is (at least for me).. I used to have 4-6 meals/snacks a day. Breakfast-early snack-lunch- afternoon snack - dinner - at bedside, but when I started drinking the coffee, I had no appetite for foods! Well, which I think a good thing for me since I really wanted to lose this excess weight.
- Thirst and dryness of the throat (so you need to drink water frequent)

After finishing the 2 boxes I ordered, i checked my weight and a whooping 10lbs was lost from my weight! Others do notice it, even I do personally.. My face looks smaller at the mirror, my uniform is a little "maluwag" at the waist!
I continue doing this routine.. But I have a different supplier now - much cheaper and easier to deal with..

Result: As of yesterday, I checked my weight and I already lose 18lbs... Isn't it great!!

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Can said...
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judy alvie cambri said...

gud day!ngpa2order ka po ba ng brazilian sliming cofe?Godbless!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yes very effective tlaga.. i started using the brazilian coffee 3months ago and i lost 10 kilos..

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