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Monday, January 31, 2011

Party Program

I love party planning.. and it usually took most of my time preparing for events - for my son, my family and friends.. And one thing that is really important is the flow of the party. This is a make or break regarding how successful you party would become.
Last Jacob's party, I was very keen with the party host regarding this.. But, on the event itself, I just let them to their thing.. It's not my business anymore..:)

It's a first birthday party so I asked for some alterations with the program they presented to me.

I always take note of the time the program starts. So with the invitation, instead of putting
"4 o'clock sharp", I  opted for " The program starts at 4pm". So that, the guests knew that there will be a pre-party activity for the kids aside from the program proper. If they want to be part of it, they'll arrive earlier. End result, most of my guests came before 4pm - success indeed!

For the program, we followed this. (1st Birthday Party Program)

3:00  to  3:30 p.m.   Welcoming of the Guests
Other activities:
Balloon Twisting/Coloring Contest /Story telling
 Table Magic/  Practice of action songs   

3:30 to 4:30 pm   PARLOR GAMES for kids & ADULTS 
Bubbly host from Lambert Flores' team. Sure knows how to entertain the guests!

 Daddy's participation during the party.


4:45 to 5:00pm Optical Illussion Show 



Where are you, daddy? :) 
5:30 to 6:30 pm   The BUBBLE ARTISTRY & BUBBLESHOW

6:30 to 6:45pm   Distribution of Give Away bags/Souvenirs/Others

balloon burst
END of the PARTY

Take note of the Cake Blowing - in a usual party program, it's usually on the end/last part of the program, but i asked them to move it a bit earlier, my baby might be asleep during those times (though that didn't happened :) - Jacob really enjoyed his party).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Featured Product

Featured Product of the Month is:


  • Lunchbox is perfect and unique yet useful giveaways for kid's party
  • It is also durable (made of wood) 
  • Designs could be customized by the client
  • dimesion: approx (lxwxh) 9x3.5x7 inches
Clients who will avail of this product for 36pcs and above will get a free item from us.
Retail: P200 per piece

For bulk orders,
21 pcs -35 pcs - P185.00
36 pcs -50 pcs - P175.00
51 pcs and up at - P165.00

Promo runs: from 24 Jan 2011 - 24 Feb 2011.

For queries, contact us:
Thursday, January 20, 2011

handicrafts,atbp: Stories,Events and Parties

Thanks for making us part of your parties and special events!
Looking forward, hoping that we will still be part of your parties!!

Here are some clips and photos:
Sorry for those I haven't informed. Kindly PM me if you want them to be removed from this post. Thanks Again!

Fan Photos:

Winners: Ms. Raissa Manzon and Ms.  Tonette Cartera


Ms. Grace Bautista for his son's party with our mini kiddie stool item

Ms. Marivic Palma's Candyland Themed party for her daughter

Dra. Peewee Valdez's photo with daughter. For personal use (re: items)

Ms. Cita Zuniga's daughter with HK Ordered items!

Ms. Diana Taeza's Kiddie Stool orders with her kids as model

Parties and Events:

Ms. Bambi Hernandez's parties for clients:
HK and Daniel Mini stool
Rubber Ducky Kiddie Stool
Ms. Ana Casals' order for her daughter's 1st bday party: Mini stool and Baskets

Ms. Jasmin Egan for her daughter's party: Photo frame exclusively designed for the party

Ms. Jobelle Panzo's mini stool for his son's first bday party

Ms. Andrea Laparan's mini stool for his son's party

Ms. Faith Delantar's penholders for her daughter's party

Ms. Jovianelashley dela Cruz'z photos for her daughter's birthday.

Ms. Mary Acosta for her son's birthday

Personal use:

Ms. Jona Bedana's daughter with her dora items

Ms. Pacione's xmas orders: Kiddie stools and Chairs

Ms. Nikka Dizon's 5 layer cabinet for her daughter

Che Alcontin's Mini Stools and Ref Magnets

Mommy's Spoon and Fork Box

Ms. Mae Perey's Circus Party for Jacob Marthy (assorted items)

Ms. Carl's Kiddie Dresser for daughter Stephanie

Ms. Emily Tamse's penholders (L-shaped) for daughter's Party

Dra. Peewee Valdez's orders for daughter Janina

Ms. Joefe Cordon's Kiddie Stool for Daughter's Party

For clients who wants their photos removed in this post, please do message me and really sorry.. For clients you want theirs be included here, kindly PM me too.