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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Super Rush Shopping Day!

Since, I'm out of duty for the whole week, we decided to stay in Manila for some relaxation and to visit ILs (Guilty! - I know they do miss Jacob alot..) 
But even if I'm outta work, I am still working - managing, answering queries from clients of my home-based business, handicrafts.atbp. I just love doing this - even if this means less sleep and more time online..
Since, I need a break and Jacob's birthday bash is due in less than 5 months, I should keep in mind, again, his party! So, I asked my husband to drive me around Landamark/SM Makati for shopping time - to relax, to shop and to find stuffs for the party.

As to what happened the last time we took Jacob to mall, we decided he should stay with MIL at home -- We left him all smiles -- 

We first scouted for mason jars - I am preparing and insisting I should be the one doing this - I'm so hands on! I found this tall jars for P120 each - not bad, it's all glass..  These are just two of the candy containers to be used for "Mr. Hooper's Candy Station" for Jacob Sesame Party on Sept. 

 On our way to SM, I saw this lovely blouse at Landmark and fitted it - I just love that I lost my pregnancy weight. and that I could wear again clothes like that - It fitted me well- as if it's destined to be "MINE". Moreover, I just love my husband, he paid for it!! Love yah alot dadi! :)

While we were, taking our snack (haven't done shopping!), MIL called up, telling us Jacob's crying - screaming.. that made us rush to the parking lot to go home.. It hurts to know and guilty, as always, we left him. :( 

Arriving in less than 30 minutes, saw him lying on the bed - sleeping.. I just hugged and kissed him -- I'm so sorry,baby.. I love you..

I'm so in love with Shooshoos!!

I'm super in love with Shooshoos

The first time I saw them..I know it's perfect for my son.. It's the first ever shoe I bought for him (since most are gifts from friends and relatives).. and I couldn't settle for less.

I hunted and hunted for Pediped shoes and Shooshoos and find out that they will be one of the exhibitors in the upcoming bazaar of Expo Mom last May - I convinced my husband that we really need to go to Expo Mom.. because of Shooshoos!

And there, I met Ms. Kim, whose as lovely as her face. (I always texted him Ms. Kristine - who the he** is Kristine?!haha) Very accomodating - and right then and there, I know it won't be the last time I'll purchase shooshoos. 
I'm so in love with it! Why?
  • the shoes look so comfty for baby's tiny feet
  • made of nappa leather
  • perfect as walking shoes
  • very stylish and no tie ribbon/shoe lace that would cause any accident to the baby
Here's the 1st Shooshoos I bought for Jacob:
photos: courtesy of shooshoos phils

Isn't it lovely?! 
And from the time I handed this to my son, he walked with it-- and I could see in his eyes how much he adores his new shoes - well, like mother like son hehe..

I'm such a stage mom, I sent photo to them and I just love them, really! They posted it on their site, even on their blog, welcoming Jacob as one of the shooshoos babies!

9 months old pictorial

Since, I'm just a first time mom, I never thought he would outgrew this in 2 months time! Waahhh..
That's why I decided to get Jacob his 2nd and 3rd pair of shooshoos. This time, I just texted Ms. Kim for my orders, and the following day, my husband DPied thru their bank account.

And here are Jacob's new pairs shooshoos.

So adorable!!Thank you Ms. Kim! And 'til next time! :)

P.S And they're on sale too!!

Facebook: like them! - search for shooshoos philippines

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Am a Supermom Afterall!!

I never thought I could do these much for my family.. I have a regular day and job and still I get to manage to have a sideline business, and be a mom to Jacob and a wife to Jojo. 

Motherhood really changed ME - for the best! Back in college, though I know I want to do this and that - not just for myself but for my parents, but I don't have the guts and the will to start earning extra money while studying. All I know is that, I am contented and I have a good life. 
Friday, July 16, 2010

Wake me Up when August Ends

Wake me up when August Ends? - Yeah right! I just can't seem waiting for September to come! I'm so excited, thrilled and I don't know.. May be I am really looking forward to this than any other month this 2010.  Why? 

First and foremost, It is my son's birthday party! If I could invite all of you.. I would.. No kidding.. For the past months since January, I'm already planning for this special day of my son - well, it's ours too! And we just want to welcome him - all out! (see blogs on party preparation)

Second, my fave TV shows will resume! Haist.. I wished there would be NO breaks for them.. hehe.. can't wait what will happen to Dr. Langston in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, it is true Marge (aka Catherine Willows) will leave the series for good? 

And some good news like I could Delcko, I just love him!

 And ever and I'm just a fan of Dr. House! So rude but so charming - can't resist!

And these are the reasons why Wake Me Up when August Ends...
Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kiddie Stools and Chairs FOR SALE!

These items are perfect for your parties! All new and of quality designs (for export purpose). Local and International Buyers are welcome!
All items are open for customization:
-client could send sample photo for reference
-could personalize the item
-ask for availability of the designs (as per retail basis)
-for bulk orders, discounts and freebies UP for Grabs! minimum of 30 pcs. is required

Happy Browsing!
Kiddie Stools:
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celebrating Birthday: the "Exotik" Way

Twas my husband's 30th Birthday last Sunday (July 4).. and I'm just as excited as him! 
-it's his 1st birthday with our baby
-and we spent it together.. had our snack/dinner in  a resto where I 1st brought him when I introduced him to my family.. Exotik Restaurant!