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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fancy Nancy Party

If I have a Baby Girl - this would be her 1st Birthday Party Theme! It's so Fancy - soo girly .. and soooo Fab!
Here are some of the Fancy Nancy designs and products we have (Handicrafts,atbp) and was ordered to us by Ms. Claudine of Do Me a Favor Party and Ms. Mae Perey for a friend's daughter 7th Birthday Bash in Makati Shangrila.

Tha Uniqueness of the Party? Her PP had the Table Centerpiece custom made just for the party. I only have the raw photo but the concept for the centerpiece was - The dress of Fancy Nancy is really an actual dress worn over the Table Centerpiece we prepared. Isn't it sooo unique?

Fancy Nancy Table centerpiece

For the giveaways and prizes, they ordered assortment of our products with the design based on the character.
Kiddie Stool - Fancy Nancy
Kiddie Chair - Fancy Nancy

Happy Preps!

Monday, November 7, 2011

An Idea for a Garden Themed Party

 I’ve always wanted to throw a garden themed party, because I think it’s easy to play and coordinate colors with this theme. We had lots of clients who had same party and this I will share some ideas I have in mind (that you may use for your own party!) Since our business is handicrafts, (Handicrafts,atbp) I’ll play with our products :-)

For me, this is the most fun décor a mom could make for her daughter’s party – why? 
You could put all the ideas you have in a small peg, thus will show how creative you are! With the theme, I specifically wanted to use our Pushcart Centerpiece 

Garden Table Centerpiece

My idea is to make a standee of the celebrant (approx 12-14 inches, maybe) and make it look like she’s pushing the pushcart full of flowers. If you have more time, you may put all of these in a base (maybe a square-shaped base). 
Above is a peg I made so that you’ll have a clearer idea on what my table centrepiece ideas would look like. 
Some revisions:
- I’d like the pushcart centrepiece in natural wood color without gloss lacquer/spray. 
- For the base, for a more “gardenish” look, you may buy “Scotchbrite” and use as an alternative to grass (Bermuda grass-looking base) 

I can’t find much photo in my lappy that’s why I used my son (from his 2nd birthday party photo) as the celebrant. ;-) 
For the flowers inside the pushcart, it would be better if you use fresh flowers - any flowers, shrubs will do, especially those with long stems. Just arrange it in a manner that would be seen even from afar (so the guest would appreciate it well). Also, you may put some fake butterflies, bugs as additional décor. 
You can give also as an additional prize for the party! 
Did you like it? :-)

For the stage décor, I’m thinking of having a plain background and just use our letter standee as the main design for the base. Just add up balloons on the floor if you want to or fresh flowers in a plant box (better!) 
Stage Decor

I don’t usually use glass containers for candy stations (since mostly kids are getting and enjoying the area in the party and doesn’t fit our parties ( I think glass containers fits girly-themed parties). But this time, glass containers look good for the theme. 
from the web

An assortment of tall and wide-mouthed containers with colourful candies (try to incorporate the colors of the candies with the theme, if you could). Put letter-cut out of your kid’s name and add up some fake butterflies, fres flowers on the table. And, VOILA! Perfect! 

 Also, another option is Dessert Station: What i meant with this is  NON-candy station. All pastries, sweets, delicacies, cookies, cupcakes and cakes (as long as it's not candy)/ Just place it on nice tray and plates. That would be great,too!

I’ve always wanted to do this with Jacob’s last party but I forgot to coordinate with my friend [who was in-charge with the Photobooth (SEGA Pb)]. (I’ll try to do this with Jacob’s next party).
I’ll hire a photobooth (again!) and instead of giving them the photos, I’ll ask my friend to compile and print all the photos and give it to me before the party ends. It’s quite tedious but really it’s a nice idea! Anyways, photo frame would always be perfect giveaways for this theme – Just make sure all the props including the background of the photo (coordinate with you photobooth [ a garden-looking background]) are present. No other props except for those n’sync with the theme. After they printed out the photos, insert each on the photo frame specially designed for your kid’s party. We had a corporate client who used a truck as the design.


I think it would still fit the theme or better yet a pushcart design (same as the table centrepiece) would be used as the design. Just personalize the Truck’s name with the Celebrant name and party details. And give their own photos after the party! A very nice idea, what you think? 

More ideas will be added here soon. I’m just quite tied up with lots of work, hehe.. 

Happy Readin’ 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jacob's DIY Backyardigans Pirate themed Candy Station

I had a setback n posting details of how I DIY Jacob's Candy Station last September, his 2nd Birthday. 
Anyways, to make up for the lost time, I'm sharing all the details and hope it would be of great help to you. Have fun reading!!

Unlike Jacob's 1st Birthday, now, on his 2nd Birthday I didn't have much time to prepare DIYs for his party, only his Candy Station which I love to do - as in, I would love to do it every party Jacob will have or even, my family!

Theme: Backyardigans Pirate Theme
Color theme: Base colors should only be RED, WHITE and BLACK to make up for the Pirate Theme and the REST would be as colorful as the Backyardigans characters. 

Main decor: Step Stool Candy Boxes
I really wanted to put Jacob's name in here - unlike with others who put cut-out letters with sticks,
from the web

I opted for a step stool candy boxes with 11 boxes that spelled out JACOB CEDRIC!
Materials I used were: 
0.5 inch Styrofoam board (bought from a local bookstore) 
Styro Paint (black) 
Glue gun and glue sticks
Candy Boxes:
Illustration/card boards (which I then shaped [patterned from Bubba Gump Mug box] and cut)
same as above for the letter cut-outs 
Poster paint  (red, black and white)
Thin plastic (that serves as lining for the boxes - fear of paint sticking into the candies once it melt or anything)
Glue gun and glue sticks

The 1st thing I made were the candy boxes, I have to measure how long the stepstool would be. Since my Jakey has 2 names, 1 layer was for Jacob and the 2nd lower part was for Cedric. 
After I measure, next would be the stepstool. You don't need a perfect cut for the styroboard unless your theme would be in a pastel colored theme (glitches would be easily noticed). Cut and shaped it into a stepstool. Since inside it would be hollowed, those excess boards would be the inner base so that it would hold for a long time and the candies won't fall.
Last would be paint them (according to your theme). Creativity and patience is the key!

Since, I ordered 100pcs of pirate themed cupcakes, I decided half of it would be part of the Candy Station (so that the guests would enjoy the cupcakes early)/ I made a 2-tiered squared shaped cupcake tower with a Styroboard. 
Materials used were: 
Cylindrical styrofoam 
Glue gun and stikcs
Styropaint (in black and red)

For the lootbasket for candies, I specifically made a small paper mache treasure box (from Handicrafts,atbp) for Jacob's party. It was just in plain brown finished and just put a label. Had 100pcs of it and none was left!

Candies and Chocolates: 
These were bought from Divisoria Market (below Divisoria Mall). Assortment of 11+ candies were bought by me and my hubby (3 wks before the party) 
From gummies (in different colors and shapes) - Teeths, worms, rings,sour rings, lips, etc to 
Gumballs, clappers, candy sticks, rattles, bubblegums and gold coins!
Name it we had it! :)
Jacob grabbed a box!
I also ordered additional Pichi-Pichi delicacy from a co-worker.
Moreover, Jacob's ninang, Anabel, sent boxes of Cashew Macaroons (from Trois Restaurant) - so loved it! Also, Ate Czel, Jojo's cousin gave out some candies,too!

Bought the thongs and candy scoops from SM Department Store in Makati.
For Backyardigans' touch - I printed out, stick and cut all the characters, and made them into mini standee for the Candy Station. Nice, huh?

The kids and adults alike had fun with Jacob's candy station!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Parties of Handicrafts,atbp

I'd love to blog every parties our clients shared with us but with the tight schedule I have, I'll try to post from time to time details of their party. 

Enjoy reading! And I hope you could get inspiration from it,too!

One of the most memorable party we had (aside my from son's party) was Jacob Marthy's 1st Vintage Circus Birthday Party (details click here). 

   It's a party of our client, Ms. Mae Perey. We only communicate thru e-mail since she's based in Riyadh (or Dubai?) and we will here in Philippines just in time for the party. She ordered from us almost every products we could offer for the party - from Penholders to Kiddie Stools to Kiddie Chairs - name it,  Jacob Marthy's party has it. 
The theme was so colorful - it's a Vintage Circus party. She just emailed the peg of the design for us to copy and - pooof! And now, a very popular design for parties!

Circus Giveaways
 And this was how they arranged it at Quezon Ballroom of Shangri-la Makati:

Kiddie Stools
 Too bad, I don't have a good photo of the items!

 Also, Kudos to Ms. Claudine of Do me a Favor Shop (she has a store in ATC, check it out!) Love love love the decors! I just learned from Ms. Mae that she doesn't have a website) -

Circus theme

After this party Me and Ms Claudine had 4 more parties! I'll post more details, soon!

 TIPS from an Non-Pro Stylist (hehe) but who loves party planning:

     For a circus themed party, COLORS are the key! Just follow your themed colors. 
         Dessert Station: I love Divisoria - at first, I was hesitant to buy candies from Divi, but I tried (they told me, stores and canteens buy candies from them, too). 
Stick with your color palette. Buy assortments of candies in different colors and shapes. I'm not really a fan of clear jars and vases (maybe because my kid is a boy) or maybe that also depends on your theme, right? Put layers and height to your base - and a Centerpiece, this would be your dessert station's focal point, and with Marthy's party, this huge carousel made a difference! 
dessert station
If you have budget, but minicakes (aside from cupcakes).

For the centerpiece, it's my first time and I was really amazed! I never thought a huge centerpiece would differ this party from any other parties I attended (and I got my inspiration for that for my Jacob's Party - click here)

And still, if you have budget for this, these would be appreciated more by your guests than small centerpieces :) Would make you party simply, Bongga!

table centerpiece
 More details will be posted here, soon!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

jacob's Pirate Party Printables

Here's the blog on the printables I used for Jacob's Backyardigans Pirate Party .

I always rely with MS Publisher when in comes to design editing and the likes. As per previous posts and topics, I'm not good with Photoshop or any editing tools. 

For the invitation, I decided to make a 2-page invitation in landscape format (Jacob's 1st Birthday Party is in Portrait format). The 1st page is for the Main details of the party and the 2nd is for the map to the venue. 

For the 1st page: I do not put Jacob's picture, instead all the characters of the Backyardigans in Pirate theme (all from google). And synced it with the theme of Pirate. 
Font style: Pieces of Eight
Invitation Size and Format: 5r and Landscape Format
Editing Program: MS Publisher
Here's the final invitation sent to friends and posted in facebook:

Backyardigans Pirate Invitation
Map of the venue
For the 2nd page (map of the venue): I really tried to work it well, but I have a limited space so more of the arrow and direction from a certain point. I incorporated again the designs from the 1st page, and added a candid shot of Jacob wearing a pirate hat.


Pirate Name Tag
Treasure box tag (candy station)

Thank You tag for the giveaways and prizes

Prize tags

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jacob Cedric's Pirate Costume

         I really wanted Jacob to wear a costume on his 2nd Birthday Party (he was just wearing polo shirt and jeans on his 2st Birthday). Good thing, world wide web has lots of photos which I could copy (hehe :-) ). 
We prepared 2 costumes  - One is Backyardigans costume (Pablo) which was shipped to from USA by my cousin, Ate San, as a gift (together with other pirates things and balloons [pirate balloons was used here]). But, Jacob don't want to wear it! (We will just have a separate pictorial for this)

 The costume looks like this (courtesy of Google)
Backyardigans costume
Isn't it cute?

And the 2nd costume was a Pirate Costume. I copied a design from the internet and asked our ever reliable dressmaker to make one for Jacob. She just instructed my mom to buy the fabrics from the local market. 
From this look (courtesy of google)

 To these looks:

Pirate Costume

Jacob in Costume
What can you say, huh? I'm sooo in love with the costume. 
For the white shirt, I just bought  polo shirt from Guess Kids. And for the shoes, it's a gift from Jojo's cousin from USA (when my MIL visited them last summer) - a Limited Edition Lebron James Nike Shoes.
For the skull accessories, we can't find an exact embellishment here in Manila, good thing, SM Toy Kingdom now sell Halloween items - I bought a Skull Hanging Lantern (for only P150.00) and used that as an alternative. 


Jacob Cedric's Backyardigans Pirate Party (Part IV)

Part I: click here
Part II:click here
Part III: click here

Here's the continuation of uber detailed/long post on Jacob's Party


      This time, I'm looking for an affordable yet trusted and has a talent when it comes to party coverage. Fortunately, SP Forum recommends JV All Events Services. (I'm a SP Mom, by the way). I'm glad they accepted our event eventhough they have to travel for 3-4 hours from Manila. And they are way cheaper than everyone else (knowing it's an out of town event). 
      I contacted them thru Facebook and Ceejhei (Sir Jun's daughter from SP Forum), deposited and just reminded them a day before the party. 
      On the date of the party, they arrived early (same as with Kiko's Balloons crews)! And, before, during and after the party, I'm impressed! I never saw them resting - they keep of shooting and taking photos of Jacob, my family and the guests! Same with Sir Rudy, who's in charge of the videography!
       And I'm more impressed, a week after the party - I already received the raw video and photos (in CD) of the party!
       Here are some of the pictures from the party: Be Impressed

Can't wait for the Edited photos, Video teasers and print outs!

JV All Events - Facebook
Contact Numbers: 09168483342 or 9846842
Contact Person: Sir Jun Villanueva


      Last year I also prepared a Candy/Dessert Station (click here) for Jacob's 1st Birthday Party - and surely it was a HIT! So I decided to come up with a candy station again, but the challenge for me now was to recreate an even better and a Pirate Themed Candy Station.
Wit a limited time I had for this (I have lots of commitments for the past months prior to the party), I'm still happy I pulled this off! I could see in every guests' faces how they enjoyed the candy station (especially, it's a new thing for a provincial party like what we had). 

Since it's a Backyardigans Pirate Party, I decided to have a loot treasure box as the candy loot for the guests. I prepared 100 pieces of it, and just put a sticker label (photo below). These are all from Handicrafts,atbp

For the candy jars, I'm not really a fan of glass containers (even last year) since most of the guests were kids, and that won't really fit our theme. Also, Jacob is a boy so I need a not so girly containers for Candy Station. 
So, I decided to make a step-stool. It's a ladder-like decor. I bought all the materials from National Bookstore (free advertisement, huh). The materials were: 
  • a thick Styroboard
  • glue sticks and glue gun
  • Styro paint (in black color) 
  • Illustration boards
  • Poster paints (white and red color)
Cut,shape and stick! That's the key to my DIY Project!

I just patterned the box dimension from Bubba Gump Glass I bought from a recent trip to HK. And reproduce it in 11 pieces (JACOB CEDRIC). I made using MS Publisher letter cutouts of Jacob's complete name (approximately 4-5 inches height). I painted it with white, black and red colors. Lined the inside with a plastic (I worry about the candies that may melt and the paint might stick to them)
And here ye - the finish product!

Candy Buffet
I bought the candies and the gummies from Divisoria. I bought around 11 - 12 assorted candies and gummies. For the gummies, 1/2 kg. of each (from bears to worms to teeths, etc).

The candy scoops (less than P50 for 5 pieces in different sizes and colors) and clear plastic thongs (less than P50 each) were from SM Department Store (Home section). And I also used the scoop from Jacob's Sand pail :)

Also, these were added for more colors to the candy station.

 I also ordered, 2 bilao of Pichi-Pichi from a co-staff in GCMDH after I tasted how yummy the delicacy  was!

More to my surprise, my friend and co-staff, Jacob's Ninang Bel called me up. She gave around 4 boxes of Macaroons! We also had this last year from Trois' Restaurant and Pastry Shop

Ate Czel - Jojo's cousin gave also some candies - Thank you! I also added half of the cupcakes since I ordered 100 pieces of these. I made that cupcake tower, too!

To fit into the theme, I printed out a small standee of each characters of the Backyardigans. 

Guests enjoying the candy station!

Cheers! More posts to come!