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Friday, July 8, 2011
I'm sharing to you all, Jacob's invites for his Backyardigan's Pirate Party.
Made this using MS Publisher (I'm not good with Adobe :( )

It's a 2-page invites. 1st page covers the party details, Take note of party starts @ 3pm - I recommend this line for your invites, too! Quite effective with our last party (Jacob's 1st Birthday).
Not all guest will be receiving a 2-page invites, only those who doesn;t know how to get to the venue).
I opted not to put Jacob's face on the 1st page of invitation, because I planned it to be used as sticker together with the Jolly Roger as his party seal - clever,right??
I'm so excited na for his party!

Backyardigans Pirate

Invites Party sticker seal