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Friday, June 4, 2010

PRC and DIVI Trip on a Hot, Sunny Weather of June

"I thought, it's gonna rain.. No early sun rays welcomed my morning.. But I need to get up and prepare for a hectic day ahead of me.."

That's what I'm thinking about earlier this morning.. But, the weather changed (I think I should be thankful for some reason)-- it's a total opposite of yesterday.

I woke up very early in the morning! Jacob was so "kulit" and woke me up 3:30 a.m! Waahh... Babbling words I don't really understand but kept answering "yeah, very good and so forth".. So "kulit" that I even put him in his walker and let him play for couple of minutes with Elmo toys!

As hours passed by, I almost forgot that I need to go to PRC to renew my professional license! Good thing, Jojo reminded me of it. So when he arrived from work, I immediately prepared for the hectic schedule ahead of me.
PRC at 8 in the morning:
- good thing that "Manong" let us park in front of PRC for P30.00 
- I had my "passport picture" taken in front of the Bldg. for P80.00
   Well, I should say, it's one of the nicest passport picture of mine! Even nicer than my real passport photo!! 
   Thank you to my "emerald colored eyeliner", it really matched my aura! 

- Photocopied my PRC ID (2 copies) for P20.00 (Gosh!I almost refused to pay for this! If only I don't need this..)

It's my first time to renew my license and about to change my status, but they didn't let my "Certified True Copy" of Marriage Contract in exchange of NSO Marriage Contract Copy. Jojo was so sure that he had a copy in Taguig so I didn't bother looked up for my copy. In the end, I just retained my status and my Maiden Name for my PRC License.
Renewal Fee: P450.00

  •  2 copies of Passport Size with Nametag (colored and white background)
  • Photocopy of PRC ID
  • Registration Form (Public Assistance Office - near the entrance)
  • For change of status (additional requirements), get and complete the Petition form for Change Status (3rd flr)
  • Marriage Contract (NSO certified)
  • Fee of P225.00 for Petition to Change

DIVISORIA - a Haven for  Me

As the usual thing we do, we parked at Tutuban Mall Parking Area (safer but far from 168 and DiviMall) and immediately proceed with our tasks for the day: Shop, Shop and Shop

168 Mall
Bought stuffs:
- Blouse @ P280.00
- Polo shirt @ P250.00
- Polo Shirts for Jojo
- Cute Sandals @ P250.00 (Korean guy gave it to me at a cheaper price when i told him "Babalik nlng ako! Haha)

Divi Mall
- Crayons @ P40.00 (wholesale) - so cutie and unique-- for Jacob's party favors
- Pens @ P20.00 (wholesale) - I remember I bought same stuff at a boutique in MOA for P150.00!

- Disappearing ink @ P70.00/box - (it's a good buy, someone even offered it at P90.00 (smaller bottle pa) -- for Jacob's party favors

- Rechargeable Flashlight for P80.00 - very bright and tested as emergency light due to brown-outs!
-DVDs of How to Train your Dragon, Brainy Baby and English for Jacob
- DVDs of Here's comes the Bride and Dear John, CD of Bugoy as per Ate San's Request
- Elmo plush toy @ P65.00 (wholesale) - good buy since it's bigger in size and the fabric used for the toy)
Along Divisoria Streets
- Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert and Big Bird plush toys - all @ P60.00 each
- Sushi pack @ P100.00 (in front of 168 Mall- Seller even called it "kakanin! haha - was he joking or not?)22
- Chestnuts @ P100/1/2 kilo - I just missed eating these

Even though I had "One heck of a Day" it was really fun -- the only thing I hate after this, I checked and only P100.00 left in my wallet... Huhu.. Anyone who could lend me some?! :')

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