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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

23 + 1 = Adding another Milestone in my so-called Sweet Life: a Wishlist

A week from  now, i'll be celebrating and adding another year to my so called "sweet life"! Looking back, I realized and could clearly tell the whole world that, indeed, I am such a lucky girl.. with my family, my husband and baby, my career (including my school days) and everything that added meaning to my life...
Since it is my birthday, I think it won't be too much if I asked for more wishes.. hehe.. Just the thought of it, and who knows I might get what I wished for! Haha

To my Husband:
- love! love! and more love!!
- patience and more time for me and Jacob
- shopping spree!! (you know how much I love this hehe)
- roadtrips and beer nights
- out of town/country trips (more of these
- LV neverfull bag! 
- and allow me to have iPad na! hehe

To my one and only Jacob:
- love and respect
- fear of God
- more happiness!
- more smiles and laughters

To my friends:
- more get together days/nights! (i really miss doing this!)
- more Fb comments and likes! 

To you all, thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts and my wishlist for my upcoming special day! Keep in touch!!

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