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Monday, April 25, 2011

Nature Trippin' by Familia Zaragosa

Familia Zaragosa - yes! That's our family.. I do not remember how we got that petname for our family - It was like a Joke that became us so famously known even to our friends as The Zaragosa's!
Anyways, every Black Saturday of the Lenten Season, it's like a family tradition we keep on doing every year that we have to go out on outing or swimming with the whole family. 
And for this year, we decided to have a Nature Trippin'! We went to Pangil Eco-Tourism Park. 
Entrance Fee: P40 for non-Pangil residents
                      P12 for Pangil residents
Additional P2 per person for Environmental Fee

My uncle, Tito Efren reserved a cottage for P400 per day (cheap,ryt?) and it's quite big.. The whole family is excite for this since we already knew what we're suppose to do - Hike/Trek and Swim!

To cottage
Kids playing with the water
Familia Zaragosa
Tita Pot is Vaping! Whew!
The Cousins
 After lunch, we now decided to proceed with our main reason - Ambon Ambon Falls trekking!
Entrance: P60 per head (includes boat ride/balsa type and lifevest with helmet)

Goofing around while waiting
More Happiness!
The Group without AC (cameraman)
On our way to the Falls - more pictures!
Balsa Ride
Swim Bea Swim!
More swim!

And the falls!

It took us almost 30 minutes of walking/trekking before riding the Balsa, then swim to reach the falls! S

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vaping Jakey!

My husband is now into E-Cigarette. It's been months now he starts using this thing.. Good thing, He doesn't smoke not, just Vape :)
Bad thing about it, He's so addicted with E-cig! He owns around 7pcs of it! And it's quite pricey,uh!
He has local version of "Hamog", "Kabog" (?) Not so sure with these terms, I just hear him saying these.. and the expensive GG Brand (Greek Something)..

Moreover, lots of E-liquid (i'll try to post photos of his E-cig Kit) including all other accessories and paraphernalias.
And now, he made fun of my Little Jakey! Looks cute by the way :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

MIL's Surprise 65th Birthday Party!

Indeed! T'was a successful one! Kudos to my Sister-in-Law and friends for pulling this party off - Up to the last minute, my MIL don't have any idea what was going on!
I'm a few days delayed in posting details on this party.. But, still it's worth sharing to the world.
Theme: Sunflower "Burst of Sunshine" 65th Birthday Party
For: my Mom-in-Law
By: Siblings Jojo (my husband) and Hannah (sister-in-law) together with the efforts if their friends, families and relatives.
Where: David's Tea House, The Wharf @ Lakefront Sucat 
When: 09 April 2011- 5-9pm

It's quite a long story..
From previous blog, I already posted that we (specifically, Me) Jojo and Me are in-charge with the party giveaways and table centerpiece since it's a business of ours. 
Table Centerpiece
I'm really having hard time choosing for the appropriate centerpiece for this party. I even planned doing a DIY of paper flowers - but,since I was kinda busy with my work and our business - I do not have that much time (as I had with Jacob's Party) to do such things. So, instead, I just asked my husband to drive me to Bay, Laguna for some plant tripping. And this only happened, hours away from the party!
I just prepared the basket for the centerpiece. At first, I was looking for flower-bearing plants but ended up with Cacti-looking plant. They just covered the black plastic with white paper for a more nice-looking table centerpiece.
(Photos courtesy of Hannah)

Table centerpiece

 Since. t'was a surprise party, we drove MIL to the venue an hour after the call time. Just for everyone to be ready with their "Surprise Greetings!"

The party was hosted by Hannah's friend, Karen a.k.a Sexy Terry (over the radio). Indeed, she's a fun host for a party. There was no dull moment. 

Cake Blowing:


In-charge with the overall prep:



Happy Birthday Mom!

Monday, April 4, 2011

65th Birthday Party: Update

I'm a bit late posting updates with our surprise party for my mom-in-law this coming weekend.. My whole weekend was occupied with our PG Trip (other blog post)..
Anyways, the only thing I did and finished with this upcoming party was the giveaways for the event.
Since it is a "Burst of Sunshine" themed 65th Birthday Party, Sunflower is everywhere..

Giveaways: Spoon and Fork Box by Handicrafts,atbp

65th Birthday Party Giveaways

with Thank You Tag
I'm hoping all the guests will love it and will take each one home..
Will post party photos!