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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How MS Publisher saved me from spending moolahs

Eversince I became interested in arts and crafts, I look for the best way and easy to handle application for my "artsy" projects.

For my son's baptismal party, I tried using scrapblog, and really enjoyed it! They gave out free credits for designs ( wallpaper
s, stickers etc) for my guestbook project! I spent most of my free time at their site and printed those for the guestbook. But, after I spent all the free credits, and tried it for another time.. I became disappointed.. I wished I could have chosen the best or the most perfect backgrounds so that I could use for my upcoming projects. Now, I rarely visit the site.

From "googling", I have tried smilebooks, photobooks, etc.. You name it I downloaded it.. And they didn't expect my expectation.. So I said, I should really make an effort to learn how to utilize "adobe Photoshop" since everyone use this and the outcomes are great (some exceeded my expectation!).. I really had a hard time editing, fixing, altering photos and others.. haist..

I eventually considered, I think one of the most neglected application readily installed on our pc/laptops - MS Paint! The Windows 7 version of MS Paint is way better than those I have in my old desktop.. The only problem I encounter was, the printing process.. It's not that perfect- when I print preview my projects it's perfectly fine but after printing.. haist.. need to adjust and reprint again until I am contented with that I have on hand..

And then, January comes, I really need an application that will make me get through the printables for all my son's party needs on September.. I search - search - search - until One day, I saw a post in a forum that recommends MS Publisher.. I tried their free trial version.. and funny my reaction was at that time- I really love the application!! I even called my husband, I need a registered and full version of the program since the trial was up to 15 days only. 
And now, 3 months before Jacob's super special birthday party from me and Jojo - I thank MS Publisher - Why? 
- I saved a lot of moolahs for layout, design for jacob's invites
- for the thank you tags and sticker tags
- for the personalized notepad (as one of the party favors)
- every printables needed for the party - all made by myself thru Publisher and the best thing about it - It's Personalized!!

Here are some of the pictures I made using MS Publisher (to follow)

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