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Friday, June 11, 2010

I love SM!

When I was still studying, I look forward the day when my mom brought me to the mall and bookstore to buy what I need for the coming school year. I enjoy picking stuffs for my bag - colorful notebook designs, pens in different colors, etc.

But during the days when I just need to go to the mall out of boredom, the first destination/outlet in my mind to visit is The National Bookstore (I know! Almost every mall have one branch, at least!).. There I could find some cute stuffs I just ignore when  I am shopping with my mom. Cute sharpeners, dermatographs, highlighters, stickers, tags, anything you could think of - may it be for studying or hobby (I am into Arts and Crafts).

But, for some reason, during this time when I really need National Bookstore's Hard-to-find craft materials, etc -  I can't find one!! I don't know If they do not sell those things or the staffs aren't helpful enough to look into their stockroom for stocks.
So, I decided to give SM Stationery/School Supplies Section a try.. Why?
- the waiting line is not too long
- less customers to bump with (along the aisle), so more time browsing, looking, thinking what and if I really need to buy the item

And I was so surprise and feel lucky! and thankful-- Thank you SM!
  • They have sponge paper (thinner than craft foam used in craft projects)
  • Cheaper paper cutter ( how I really wanted to own this long time ago)
  • Styro boards (round shaped) with different diameters and thickness
So, from now on, I'll always consider SM's Stationery Department for hard-to-find stuffs! They might have it!

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