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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Tiring weekend that was!!

What a Weekend! Super Duper tight schedule but Uber Fun!!
Saturday: 26 June 2010
1st Stop:
* Festival Mall, Filinvest Alabang Muntinlupa City
We arrived around before lunchtime to meet with my buyer. It was his husband who picked up the orders. Though we waited quite a while, that was fine with me - since I saw in my Jakey's eyes how he was amazed with everything he saw at the mall! - Posters, Lights, People - all of those not usually seen around our house (*wink*). Since we were just killing time, I took the chance to print Jacob's Pic for entry (SM Star Baby) at Digiprint. And they were just easy to deal with .. I got the finished photos in less than 15 minutes.
While waiting for the photos, a kiosk nearby, named Saibachi caught my attention - may be I am quite hungry so I asked Jojo to buy food and drinks. They call it takoyaki - a squiball looking food but really when i tasted it - it's so yummy! I thought it was just me who noticed it but Jojo too! So we decided to take home some of these for our consumption.

*Total Gas Station
We were supposedly meet our buyer at Festival mall parking lot, but due to some circumstances, we just changed it to Total Gas Station. Mr. Diaz (husband) was really sorry he kept me waiting. But that's ok, part of being a seller :)

*Aplaya - Grills and Greens - Festival Mall
By night, Jojo and I had schedule of meeting up my cousins Ada and AC, and Aryan. We arrived earlier, so I asked Jojo if we could drop by at Japan's Store (Dai-so) inside the Mall. Bought things for Jacob's Party decorations and for our lab.
**Gimik Night!
And since I am with Ada, we have our pictures shot everywhere!! I'll update this.
@ Aplaya:
Twas was like "There's no tomorrow!" 
- more catch-up chickas!
- more pictures
- and variety of drinks!
   - from rhumcoke (for Jojo) to Jagermeister (me and Ada) to Gilbeys for AC and Aryan, down to Mindoro Sling for everyone!! all in less than 2 hours!!!
- a memorable food Lizzy's Dynamite - a food cursed by Jojo -- haha. An appetizer, a whole chili wrapped with breadcrumbs -- who would have noticed you were eating a chili!! haha
- My cousin is so in love with his "yum" - so Happy for her
@Bona Cafe
We were supposed to be at Pagcor for casino but changed our plan, and stayed at Bona Cafe - Westgate Alabang.. It was our 2nd time there.. Fun, fun fun.. Our ealiest coffee after gimik - 11 pm!
Killed time with more stories, youtube videos, pictures and more pictures!!
went home a little before 2am --- 

So tiring Saturday, and even attended to my son's needs as soon as we got home.. 

Went to BF Resort, a belated happy Birthday to our beloved Auntie, Tita Pot.. and visited my lovable niece, Heleina. I handed her crayons, erasers and pens.. I know she loves It!
@SM Bicutan
Before heading back home (Laguna), we dropped by at SM Bicutan for jacob's submission of photos for SM Star baby. Unfortunately, he wasn't qualified haist.. Need to register first... I thought we could do this at the same time - registration and passing of requirements.. I'm quite sad, but hey, there's another quarter!
Jacob loved their Creamy Mushroom Soup!! I saw my friend daisy, who worked at Shakey's as Branch Manager
- She gave 20% discount - thank you!
- It's Jacob's first time using Highchair 
- Jacob's 1st @ Shakey's

After everything, went home and now I wanna go to bed.. to rest...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Excited for the Weekend!

Eventhough I had a stressful week, Saturday and Sunday itineraries are something I always looking forward for the past days... Why?
    The day I became a mom to my baby, Jakey, I totally forgot or may be at least can't find much time to meet my friends, cousins for "gimik-drinking-catch up" session. I love attending to my son's needs.. spending time with him are the best moments of my life - as a mom.. But, every person needs a space to relax, unwind... and tomorrow.. "Count me In!" Can't wait for Red Horse Beers and chit-chats!
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jacob's Lootbag, Prizes and more!!

We're just less than 3 months away before Jacob's 1st Birthday bash and I'm just so excited and sooo can't wait for this event! Most of the the suppliers for the party were given DPs..
On my part, since I am really a hands-on/OC party planner mom, as early as March (super excited?!) I know what I need to prepare for the party! I just so excited to share these pictures to you!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How MS Publisher saved me from spending moolahs

Eversince I became interested in arts and crafts, I look for the best way and easy to handle application for my "artsy" projects.

For my son's baptismal party, I tried using scrapblog, and really enjoyed it! They gave out free credits for designs ( wallpaper
Friday, June 11, 2010

I love SM!

When I was still studying, I look forward the day when my mom brought me to the mall and bookstore to buy what I need for the coming school year. I enjoy picking stuffs for my bag - colorful notebook designs, pens in different colors, etc.
Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birth-DATE to me - Malling and Sakae Sushi Experience

Hello 24! Goodbye 23!
In 2 more days, i'll be another year older! I'm just as estatic as everyone else around me! At 24, I could say I have a good life - career-wise, family-wise and financial-wise (it's almost what I wanted and asked from God)

Last night, we were supposedly out on a date (Jojo and Me) - a casino party night at Resort World in Pque..
Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jacob and his Expedition: A Love-Hate Thing

 Today, is our family date! And since, it's my birthday week, Jojo and I decided to take Jacob out for some malling and shopping. It was his first time at SM Makati!

As a mom, I'm looking forward to this-- family time and shopping spree! At around 2pm, i set and dressed him up -- so cutie! Such a head-turner (I'm so proud of him!).. I made him wear his CK printed shorts and t-shirt (from US by Ate San) and his shooshoos I recently bought at the Expo Mom 3. I brought with me his shades and a cap (for protection).

On our way to Makati, he fell asleep.. May be he was thinking it's a long trip (just like what we always do going back and forth Laguna) and took a nap. Parked at Park Square and Jojo assembled Jacob's Expedition. We need to do this every time we bring his ride (it won't fit in the car's trunk!). I let him sleep quietly in his Expedition.. 

"Such a Head Turner!"
Friday, June 4, 2010

Why I am So addicted with CSIs (aside for Jakey)

For the longest time, the only TV series I never failed to watch or download are the CSIs and House,MD. And I am just so tired waiting for the next season (CBS/Fox, please grant my request!)

Reasons why I love and keep watching the series:
  • I love how they solve the mysteries of life and death of a person (may it be related to them in any possible way or how it touches the character's lives)
  • Forensic is a field that always caught my interests - How every small details entangled, stamped in a dead man's body is a big leap for a case to be solved

PRC and DIVI Trip on a Hot, Sunny Weather of June

"I thought, it's gonna rain.. No early sun rays welcomed my morning.. But I need to get up and prepare for a hectic day ahead of me.."

That's what I'm thinking about earlier this morning.. But, the weather changed (I think I should be thankful for some reason)-- it's a total opposite of yesterday.

I woke up very early in the morning! Jacob was so "kulit" and woke me up 3:30 a.m! Waahh... Babbling words I don't really understand but kept answering "yeah, very good and so forth".. So "kulit" that I even put him in his walker and let him play for couple of minutes with Elmo toys!

As hours passed by, I almost forgot that I need to go to PRC to renew my professional license! Good thing, Jojo reminded me of it. So when he arrived from work, I immediately prepared for the hectic schedule ahead of me.
PRC at 8 in the morning:
- good thing that "Manong" let us park in front of PRC for P30.00 
- I had my "passport picture" taken in front of the Bldg. for P80.00
   Well, I should say, it's one of the nicest passport picture of mine! Even nicer than my real passport photo!! 
   Thank you to my "emerald colored eyeliner", it really matched my aura! 

- Photocopied my PRC ID (2 copies) for P20.00 (Gosh!I almost refused to pay for this! If only I don't need this..)

It's my first time to renew my license and about to change my status, but they didn't let my "Certified True Copy" of Marriage Contract in exchange of NSO Marriage Contract Copy. Jojo was so sure that he had a copy in Taguig so I didn't bother looked up for my copy. In the end, I just retained my status and my Maiden Name for my PRC License.
Renewal Fee: P450.00

  •  2 copies of Passport Size with Nametag (colored and white background)
  • Photocopy of PRC ID
  • Registration Form (Public Assistance Office - near the entrance)
  • For change of status (additional requirements), get and complete the Petition form for Change Status (3rd flr)
  • Marriage Contract (NSO certified)
  • Fee of P225.00 for Petition to Change

DIVISORIA - a Haven for  Me

As the usual thing we do, we parked at Tutuban Mall Parking Area (safer but far from 168 and DiviMall) and immediately proceed with our tasks for the day: Shop, Shop and Shop

168 Mall
Bought stuffs:
- Blouse @ P280.00
- Polo shirt @ P250.00
- Polo Shirts for Jojo
- Cute Sandals @ P250.00 (Korean guy gave it to me at a cheaper price when i told him "Babalik nlng ako! Haha)

Divi Mall
- Crayons @ P40.00 (wholesale) - so cutie and unique-- for Jacob's party favors
- Pens @ P20.00 (wholesale) - I remember I bought same stuff at a boutique in MOA for P150.00!

- Disappearing ink @ P70.00/box - (it's a good buy, someone even offered it at P90.00 (smaller bottle pa) -- for Jacob's party favors

- Rechargeable Flashlight for P80.00 - very bright and tested as emergency light due to brown-outs!
-DVDs of How to Train your Dragon, Brainy Baby and English for Jacob
- DVDs of Here's comes the Bride and Dear John, CD of Bugoy as per Ate San's Request
- Elmo plush toy @ P65.00 (wholesale) - good buy since it's bigger in size and the fabric used for the toy)
Along Divisoria Streets
- Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert and Big Bird plush toys - all @ P60.00 each
- Sushi pack @ P100.00 (in front of 168 Mall- Seller even called it "kakanin! haha - was he joking or not?)22
- Chestnuts @ P100/1/2 kilo - I just missed eating these

Even though I had "One heck of a Day" it was really fun -- the only thing I hate after this, I checked and only P100.00 left in my wallet... Huhu.. Anyone who could lend me some?! :')

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

23 + 1 = Adding another Milestone in my so-called Sweet Life: a Wishlist

A week from  now, i'll be celebrating and adding another year to my so called "sweet life"! Looking back, I realized and could clearly tell the whole world that, indeed, I am such a lucky girl.. with my family, my husband and baby, my career (including my school days) and everything that added meaning to my life...
Since it is my birthday, I think it won't be too much if I asked for more wishes.. hehe.. Just the thought of it, and who knows I might get what I wished for! Haha

To my Husband:
- love! love! and more love!!
- patience and more time for me and Jacob
- shopping spree!! (you know how much I love this hehe)
- roadtrips and beer nights
- out of town/country trips (more of these
- LV neverfull bag! 
- and allow me to have iPad na! hehe

To my one and only Jacob:
- love and respect
- fear of God
- more happiness!
- more smiles and laughters

To my friends:
- more get together days/nights! (i really miss doing this!)
- more Fb comments and likes! 

To you all, thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts and my wishlist for my upcoming special day! Keep in touch!!