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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fancy Nancy Party

If I have a Baby Girl - this would be her 1st Birthday Party Theme! It's so Fancy - soo girly .. and soooo Fab!
Here are some of the Fancy Nancy designs and products we have (Handicrafts,atbp) and was ordered to us by Ms. Claudine of Do Me a Favor Party and Ms. Mae Perey for a friend's daughter 7th Birthday Bash in Makati Shangrila.

Tha Uniqueness of the Party? Her PP had the Table Centerpiece custom made just for the party. I only have the raw photo but the concept for the centerpiece was - The dress of Fancy Nancy is really an actual dress worn over the Table Centerpiece we prepared. Isn't it sooo unique?

Fancy Nancy Table centerpiece

For the giveaways and prizes, they ordered assortment of our products with the design based on the character.
Kiddie Stool - Fancy Nancy
Kiddie Chair - Fancy Nancy

Happy Preps!