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Friday, October 29, 2010

Personalized Table Centerpiece: How to make it?

It's been months since I started making table centerpieces for my son's party last September, hence, there are still queries how I made those! I really appreciate every compliment I hear from people regarding the DIY table centerpieces.
And, it's been a while since I post a new topic here in my blog, better yet, share how I made those table centerpieces. Too bad, I didn't had any of it back in our home, just photos and smiles in my online album and in my mind - how everybody loved it!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Where to go?

It's long weekend!
My husband's job follows the US Holiday Schedule and they'll be having a long weekend off/break.. and I just loved it!
Since I have a flexible schedule of duty, we,well, I decided to take a break and spend this 4-day break out of town! Been looking over the net places we might visit, any suggestions?

Saturday, October 9, 2010


 It;s 10.10.10 tomorrow! Yay! I received lots of messages regarding this date - how lucky this day, so it caught my attention and start "googling" what does it mean - zodiac, science,etc/ Then, I stumbled with this article. 

What's your opinion on this? Hmmm.

Anyways, I think It's an important event on the life of my husband's bestfriend --- It's  his wedding day!! 
Weeeh.. Congratulations Alain and to you soon to be wife, Arlene!!

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birthday Party Giveaways

It's been weeks since Jacob's Party.. Still, I'm thrilled and nostalgic thinking how I pull it off the way I wanted it...
from the decors, to the performers, to the party entertainments, the foods and the prizes and giveaways.

I'll share to you how my Jacob's Party helped our business in bringing out more clients!

Giveaways for the kids:
I wasn't really expecting that much kids for the party - But,  I was wrong! I prepared 40 pieces of kiddie stool (which we sell [online and thru referrals]). It turned out, lots of kids weren't able to take home a piece of it. I just sent them after the party (well, those who are just close to our family).
I just make sticker label and put it on one of the legs of the kiddie stool.
(photos c/o handicrafts.atbp)

Mini Notebook DIY - Personalized

Since, I can't find much of Sesame Street Stuffs in the stores, I decided in making one!

Steps by Steps in Making DIY Mini Notebook:

Materials to prepare:

Bond paper (at least 10 pcs)
Padding glue
MS Publisher

1. Using MS Publisher, I make 4 big square and put lines inside to make it look like a piece of notepad. Inserted a Sesame Street logo too.
2. For the cover,  using the size of big square, I just added 1.5inches to it. Put "Notepad" label and party details.
3. Print it.
4. I cut the paper and use the padding glue. Approx of 15 pieces of paper is OK.
5. Cut the cover and pasted it over the paper that has been cut.

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