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Monday, August 2, 2010

Can't Choose - HELP!

Jacob's birthday is fast approaching and I am just as excited as everyone else around him. The clock is ticking.. the day is running .. next thing we know, it's Party Time!
But I still need to fix things for the party - I need your help!
Food cart - food cart and food cart.. Can't choose what to pick!
I already have food station for sweet-toothed guests:
  • My chocolate heaven Dessert Station - I availed their Platinum Package! and added Gourmet Donuts as well.. I'm just so thrilled for this..
  • Party DIY - Candy station named after the famous store in the Sesame Street: "MR HOOPER'S Candy Store!" I already bought jars and buckets for the candies and chocolates for the kids and kids-at-heart. Even the candy lootbag is a DIY - Soo OC mommy!
 But, how about the diabetic guests? (peace) :)
I'm torn between these, please help me pick.. Thank You!

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