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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I love my Candy Station DIYs!

I just love doing arts and crafts for Jacob's Party!
And now, the big day is near, I'm almost done with my Party DIYs!

Candy Station
-I always wanted sweets for the party, so, aside from the Dessert Station from My Chocolate Heaven, i decided to come up with my version of Candy Station!!

Since, it's a Kid's Party, I just bought 2 glass candy containers and will use more of colorful pail/bucket I bought from Toys R Us for a peso power of P10.00 (US$ 0.22)

on the right

Since, I love pulvorons and macaroons, and I just want to present it the way it should be without buying porcelain layers or cake layers.. 
I'm a Supermom/DIY Queen-wanna-be!, I come up with these ideas? Whatcha think?
I'm super loving it!

to put "Cedric" on top

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