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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Super Rush Shopping Day!

Since, I'm out of duty for the whole week, we decided to stay in Manila for some relaxation and to visit ILs (Guilty! - I know they do miss Jacob alot..) 
But even if I'm outta work, I am still working - managing, answering queries from clients of my home-based business, handicrafts.atbp. I just love doing this - even if this means less sleep and more time online..
Since, I need a break and Jacob's birthday bash is due in less than 5 months, I should keep in mind, again, his party! So, I asked my husband to drive me around Landamark/SM Makati for shopping time - to relax, to shop and to find stuffs for the party.

As to what happened the last time we took Jacob to mall, we decided he should stay with MIL at home -- We left him all smiles -- 

We first scouted for mason jars - I am preparing and insisting I should be the one doing this - I'm so hands on! I found this tall jars for P120 each - not bad, it's all glass..  These are just two of the candy containers to be used for "Mr. Hooper's Candy Station" for Jacob Sesame Party on Sept. 

 On our way to SM, I saw this lovely blouse at Landmark and fitted it - I just love that I lost my pregnancy weight. and that I could wear again clothes like that - It fitted me well- as if it's destined to be "MINE". Moreover, I just love my husband, he paid for it!! Love yah alot dadi! :)

While we were, taking our snack (haven't done shopping!), MIL called up, telling us Jacob's crying - screaming.. that made us rush to the parking lot to go home.. It hurts to know and guilty, as always, we left him. :( 

Arriving in less than 30 minutes, saw him lying on the bed - sleeping.. I just hugged and kissed him -- I'm so sorry,baby.. I love you..

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