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Monday, August 30, 2010

Excited for the Party!

Whew! I can't believe that Jacob's party is less than 3 weeks from now. I am just wishing for 3 three things:
  • No rains,floods,typhoons or any calamities/ uncontrolled situations/incidents on Sept 11 and Sept 12
  • Our invited guests would come and ON Time
  • The Suppliers will me and/or exceed my expectation
It's really hard planning a party. Lucky for me, it's something I asked from my husband - a grand but on budget party for our son,Jacob. After all, I didn't even asked him a grand wedding when we got married!
Party DIYs are of big help in lowering expense, but, really it is time-consuming -- but for OC Mom like me, I better do it my way than to trust those things to others.
Planning really ahead of time - in my case, 9 months of preparation may sounds "overreacting" to others but that gave me ample time to think, ask more questions, and decide whether to do these my way or with supplier's help.

                    Garnet Road, Ortigas Pasig City

I just contacted Ms. Salou and made follow-up regarding the reservation. My Mom will bring extra foods for the guests - her famous embutido, fresh lumpia and leche flan. Can't wait for these! Also, MIL will be the one preparing for the crews and kids' meals.

I advised Ms. Salou I'll get in touch with her a week before the party for confirmation of number of guests! We will be exceeding 100 adult guests as of last count!
Sad thing, 1st slot (10am-2pm) was reserved. I just hoped they will egress early or leave ASAP (as soon as 2 o'clock strikes!) , so that my suppliers wil have ample time preparing for the party.

 Decors and Party Coordinator: Kiko's Balloons and Services

I contacted Ms. Kristine way back Summer time, around mid-March regarding the decor package they offer. I just love balloon drops for a decoration. Though I inquire from other planners too, I still stick to what I wanted.
This is the look I wanted for the ceiling of the venue (balloon drops)
Since, I didn't buy the huge walking mylar balloon of elmo and big bird, I asked them if they could make one for me! And they replied Yes! I just added P300.
And now that the party is fast approaching, I don't want the yayas and the helpers (from home) not to enjoy the party, instead, I also avail service of a Party Coordinator from Ms. Kristine - to help us with organizing, refilling candy cart (DIY), coordinating with the suppliers, etc and the actual party and program. I want to give all our stress to her, and enjoy the party.

Table centerpiece:
I'm such an OC mom, so I made personalized Table Centerpieces for the Party. Moreover, my cousin from CA sent a package for Jacob with table centerpieces too. Super lovin' it!
table centerpiece

to be continued...

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