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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No time to Blog!

Now I know, It's really hard to earn money.. You might ask, "is this the first time I ever work or have a job?!"
The answer is NO.. But now, I could really say.. I'm having hard time this is..

Right after I graduated from college, I already start working for hospital.. Had some time off(for couple of months) and then back to work until today.. The only thing I hate with my work is the schedule.. It's really hard time to plan vacations.. But at least it's a 8-5 or a 24-hr duty thing.. and it ends there, right after I step out of the room..

Now, that I am putting business of my own, I could say that it is really hard to earn money. I have to be online and deal with different type of clients (most of them are nice :) ) and sacrifice my usual 8-hour sleep routine. I need to be on the clock and on my mobile 24/7 so I could attend to every question they wanted to know from me. I am not complaining.. It's fun! But sometimes I feel guilty.. I'm not a full-time mom anymore! My schedule is now divided to three! family - home - business.

More guilt?! I now set aside my son's party preparation because of our business. I know, he knows, my parents and husband knows, I am doing this for our family..
Moreover, less time to blog! Haist.. please do bear with me.. 

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