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Friday, August 13, 2010

I met a Bogus Seller and a Buyer All in one Week!

When I thought of selling our items online - one only thing that came to my mind is TRUST.. I need to trust my clients and be patient answering queries, SMS, emails and even PMs. I even ship items to them even if they didn't send a single centavo to me from the beginning - I don't want to question them and I just need to trust my instinct that they will repay what good thing I have done for them.  

But, you can't really avoid people... Bogus Seller and Buyer! Gosh, it's the first time I met both of them and so irritating - can't help but block and send message to them.
How I wish they would have a heart to say sorry or admit they done something wrong - stealing ideas from me and/or she doesn't have money at all!

Sorry to you both.. It's my way of getting back to you....

So pissed...

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