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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Woot: Updated! 2nd Birthday Preparation for Jacob

Since the last post on Jacob's 2nd Birthday Party.. I'm on track again and even changed the theme of the party!
And now, presenting "Jacob's Neverland Party"!!
I'm getting excited for this.. I already have in mind the venue for the party.. I know everyone from Laguna and Manila Family will love the place..

Now, I'm looking for affordable suppliers for the party! it's quite difficult to pull-off a party in the province (It's a request by my mom)

Entrance to the Venue:
My mom and Jakey taking his stroll

Hanging Bridge to the Pavillion

Front of the Venue (Pavillion)

Pavilllion ceiling
isn't it lovely!?
See background (camping site for overnight guests)

Will update regularly!

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