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Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome Home!

I been more than a year a go since my cousin, Ate San and my niece, Bea visit us here in Pinas. And this time, they're both holding a Blue Passport!
Funny thing was, (as related by my cousin) the line to Immigration at NAIA 2 was quite long compare with the Immigration line for Filipinos. And most of them are Filipino-looking,too. Too bad, many of them changed their citizenship (same as with my cousin) for a better future. And maybe, Holy Week is nearing too so lots of balikbayans travel back to Pinas. My niece told my cousin, "See Mom, that's the result of you changing your citizenship..We have to wait in here longer" Hehe

Anyways, I'd like to welcome them both! I just missed them so much. My Ate San, is so dear to me.. We've been close like a sister eversince. We got even closer when I was in college. All my gimiks and dates - she knew. I can confide to her everything! And my dear Bea, my Inaanak, and we share same birthdays!

For a short one month, me and my other cousins promised her of fun and exciting bakasyon fever!

Bye for now, need to prepare for a welcome party for them at our auntie's house.


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