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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A tiring weekend that was!

T'was a late posting regarding our tiring but fun weekend date. Me and my hubby, Jojo, was looking forward for date weekend like this, especially now that we have a kid.
Lucky for us, we had delivery schedule at Shangri-la Makati (Circus Party of Jacob Marthy). Too bad, we weren't able to bring Jakey with us. Our car was full of orders of Ms. Mae! 
After delivery/drop-off of orders at Quezon Ballroom, my husband told me we need to go to Robinson's Place in Malate for something. His e-cigarette had some problem, (NOTE: My husband is a E-Cig addict!). I agreed but with one request - He should buy me a bag, the one that i've been eyeing for weeks now at Rustan's. 
After dining at Foodcourt, we chose this over the  Persian Restaurant we passed by along Pedro Gil because of food selections. Then, we separate ways - he went to his E-cig Kiosk/Shop and met an E-cig user, too (to buy additional batteries, haist) and eventually bought his quite expensive E-Cig. I think, as of the moment, he has 7 E-Cigarettes now! Different sizes, colors.. What will he do with all those,right? And I, walked to Rustan's. 
Fortunately, they has my Lulu Bag and it's on sale! I just love Rustan's! On my way to my husband, I bought Jakey his Elmo Polliwalks! He sooo adore Elmo and I know he will like it, so I bought it, even if it's quite expensive for a sandals that could only be used for couple of weeks. 
I'll post pics of him wearing those.. soon.. 
Note: Combine prices of Jakey Polliwalks and my bag is even cheaper than my husband's E-Cigarette!!

After Rob Place, we went back to Shangri-la to meet and celebrate Jacob Marthy's Circus Birthday Party!
At around past 6 o'clock, we decided to leave and travel back to Laguna, it's still quite a long trip..
Drop by at home, bought the famous Pulvoron in Sucat Muntinlupa for my Mom and drove SLEX to Laguna.
Stopped at KFC-Shell SLEX for catch-up dinner. I missed the Double Down :)

It's a long and tiring day, but both of us, and my Kid Jakey ended the day with fun and it's date weekend/shopping day.right?


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