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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Circus Party - Event with a client

I'm not so sure how this works or if it really a good thing. We have a client who's based in abroad (not so sure, if it's Kuwait or London) and he planned everything for his son's 1st birthday party here in Pinas thru emails and fb. 
All her orders for the event were rush. (We consider it rush, around 1-20days before the event) But we managed to finish it and on time. 
It's a Vintage Circus Party for Jacob (yeah, same name as my Jakey). She invited us to come and celebrate with them.. First thought of mine was I'm shy and I do not even know her, it may look like i'm a party crasher :). I told my mom about it, and sais "Why not? She invited you, and she might introduced you to her friends, too!" Yeah I know, it would be of great help when she does that.. 
But, I have lots of things to attend to this weekend, we will just drop by at Shangri-la in Makati to deliver the orders, wait for her and will leave as soon as we can.. We have a family affair/reunion (unexpected), sort of since our balikbayan relatives are here in Pinas for Holy Week. Maybe it's not meant to be.. But I really appreciate the gesture. 
I'll just share all the designs we have for the Circus Party -- and she ordered a lot of items! 

Tissue Holders

Kiddie Stools
Circus theme giveaways

Circus theme Giveaways

Kiddie Chairs

Circus theme Giveaways

Circus Theme Giveaways

Thanks to you my dear client, and Happy Birthday Jacob!

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