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Friday, March 18, 2011

Jacob and his Rocking Horse

My son loves horses! Everytime he sees horse on TV, DVDs he gets excited and says Horse! Even in our house, my mom keeps a paired horses figurine (inherited from her sister), he keeps on saying horse! (well, not really horse, sounds much like "Osh" :)
When we visit a friend in her shop, there's this mini wooden rocking horse on display. Just to kill time, I let him play with it.. But, when it's our time to go, we wanted to bring it back home! Maybe my friend saw how cute Jacob in the rocking horse, she gave it for free! I sooo love her.

When we got home, that's the first thing he did - rode on the horse's back! It's quite too small for him but really I captured these precious smiles and laughter from my super cutie Jacob.. And i'm sharing it to the world!
*Quite Blurred photos

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