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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Plan: A Surprise 65th Birthday Party for my MIL!

My Sister-in-Law, Hannah, decided to throw a Surprise Party for my Mom-in-law. I just learned this from my husband, who's asking me of thoughts and ideas on throwing a party and giveaways and for decorations, specifically, the table centerpiece.

It's Party Planning once again! This time, I do not have control of everything :) And my husband can't even tell me what motif or theme for the party! Its really hard to prepare without a theme!
In my mind, a "Burst of Sunshine" 65th Birthday Party would be a fun theme, and utilizing Sunflower as the main theme. Since my husband relied on me on decoration ideas and for giveaways, I suggested this.. 
I'll update with my upcoming blogs how will and how to celebrate a Burst of Sunshine Theme! (just the giveaways and table centerpieces).. 

Keep following and reading!

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