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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kiddie Stools and Chairs FOR SALE!

These items are perfect for your parties! All new and of quality designs (for export purpose). Local and International Buyers are welcome!
All items are open for customization:
-client could send sample photo for reference
-could personalize the item
-ask for availability of the designs (as per retail basis)
-for bulk orders, discounts and freebies UP for Grabs! minimum of 30 pcs. is required

Happy Browsing!
Kiddie Stools:
More sample: click here
Height: approx. 11 inches in height  and approx. 11 inches width (depends on the item’s design)
Price: Php 200.00  (Currency Converter)

Kiddie Chairs (with backrest):
Approx. 11 inches width (as per item’s design) and approx. 18 inches in height (as per design’s details)
Sizes and Price:
(L) P300.00
(XL) P350.00

Mini Kiddie Stools
Approx. 9 inches in height and in width (as per design details)
Price: 90.00
50% DP is needed for bulk orders and before shipment of items. Acknowledgment and Invoice will be sent to the client for approval. Regular updates regarding the orders are posted on the site.
via LBC and Bus Liner Terminal Pick-up
International: as per client and seller’s setup
Shop site: click here

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