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Monday, July 19, 2010

I Am a Supermom Afterall!!

I never thought I could do these much for my family.. I have a regular day and job and still I get to manage to have a sideline business, and be a mom to Jacob and a wife to Jojo. 

Motherhood really changed ME - for the best! Back in college, though I know I want to do this and that - not just for myself but for my parents, but I don't have the guts and the will to start earning extra money while studying. All I know is that, I am contented and I have a good life. 

But my life turned upside down when I got pregnant and started to have a family of my own - The first rule my mom told me is that "Never depend yourself to your husband". I should be earning money of my own - not because he couldn't provide for us but because it's a fulfillment knowing I could live an independent life with or without him. 

Months passed by, I am thinking of having an extra job or a business.. internet helped me alot deciding what path I should take on.. and then handicrafts.atbp was born!
Out of nowhere, I have a business of my own! with a money on the bank , friends and eventually clients all over multiply and facebook - handicrafts.atbp became a hit!
Orders coming from different parts of the country, as well as other countries are getting my products! And I just Thank God how good HE is to me and my family!..

Trust and Compromise with the client are two of the best traits an online seller should have. 
Through this blog, if my clients and others would be able to read it or not - I'd like to thank you all for trusting in me and believing that I am giving the best and of quality on items you purchase. 

I know, being a mom and a wife 24/7, a regular employee 5 days a week and a businesswoman by night is a difficult task, but when you see the smile on their faces - my family and clients, that would make my day!
Afterall, I am a Supermom, right?! 

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