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Friday, July 16, 2010

Wake me Up when August Ends

Wake me up when August Ends? - Yeah right! I just can't seem waiting for September to come! I'm so excited, thrilled and I don't know.. May be I am really looking forward to this than any other month this 2010.  Why? 

First and foremost, It is my son's birthday party! If I could invite all of you.. I would.. No kidding.. For the past months since January, I'm already planning for this special day of my son - well, it's ours too! And we just want to welcome him - all out! (see blogs on party preparation)

Second, my fave TV shows will resume! Haist.. I wished there would be NO breaks for them.. hehe.. can't wait what will happen to Dr. Langston in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, it is true Marge (aka Catherine Willows) will leave the series for good? 

And some good news like I could Delcko, I just love him!

 And ever and I'm just a fan of Dr. House! So rude but so charming - can't resist!

And these are the reasons why Wake Me Up when August Ends...

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