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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celebrating Birthday: the "Exotik" Way

Twas my husband's 30th Birthday last Sunday (July 4).. and I'm just as excited as him! 
-it's his 1st birthday with our baby
-and we spent it together.. had our snack/dinner in  a resto where I 1st brought him when I introduced him to my family.. Exotik Restaurant!

Exotik Restaurant - restaurant situated at Brgy. Longos, Kalayaan Laguna that caters to customers who want to try something exotic as food menu. Though they serve regular dishes, why not take the advantage of eating something unusual (The PETA will hate me for this.. )

This time, we tried Sting Ray cooked with Oyster Sauce as our exotik food and other regular menus like Sizzling Squid and Mango Salad as appetizer. While the foods being prepared, we took time taking photos at the vicinity of the restaurant - their known as the "Best Landscaped Restaurant in Laguna" and introduced Jojo to Samantha - the resident Huge Snake or I might consider it as an Anaconda (though I haven't seen one)..

Rating: Sting Ray in Oyster Sauce: Just like other food, stingray is like "bony".. I didn't enjoyed much eating this.. tastes like fish too.. (The first exotik food I ate was a Snake)
Place: the resto is a nice place to have your photos taken - by the patio.. inside the resto.. even outside the resto, there's always something unique displayed around the area!
Addition to this, for those foreigners or 1st time customers, they do have a Souvenir's Shop at the Entrance.
The only thing I didn't like about this place - they don't accept credit cards! WTH?! Lots of foreigners dine here and NO credit cards? 

And that's how we celebrated his birthday - the "EXOTIK" way ..
Stingray in Oyster Sauce
Food ordered

Samantha - the resident Snake

the chandelier - from wood branches
patio going to the restroom

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