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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jacob's DIY Backyardigans Pirate themed Candy Station

I had a setback n posting details of how I DIY Jacob's Candy Station last September, his 2nd Birthday. 
Anyways, to make up for the lost time, I'm sharing all the details and hope it would be of great help to you. Have fun reading!!

Unlike Jacob's 1st Birthday, now, on his 2nd Birthday I didn't have much time to prepare DIYs for his party, only his Candy Station which I love to do - as in, I would love to do it every party Jacob will have or even, my family!

Theme: Backyardigans Pirate Theme
Color theme: Base colors should only be RED, WHITE and BLACK to make up for the Pirate Theme and the REST would be as colorful as the Backyardigans characters. 

Main decor: Step Stool Candy Boxes
I really wanted to put Jacob's name in here - unlike with others who put cut-out letters with sticks,
from the web

I opted for a step stool candy boxes with 11 boxes that spelled out JACOB CEDRIC!
Materials I used were: 
0.5 inch Styrofoam board (bought from a local bookstore) 
Styro Paint (black) 
Glue gun and glue sticks
Candy Boxes:
Illustration/card boards (which I then shaped [patterned from Bubba Gump Mug box] and cut)
same as above for the letter cut-outs 
Poster paint  (red, black and white)
Thin plastic (that serves as lining for the boxes - fear of paint sticking into the candies once it melt or anything)
Glue gun and glue sticks

The 1st thing I made were the candy boxes, I have to measure how long the stepstool would be. Since my Jakey has 2 names, 1 layer was for Jacob and the 2nd lower part was for Cedric. 
After I measure, next would be the stepstool. You don't need a perfect cut for the styroboard unless your theme would be in a pastel colored theme (glitches would be easily noticed). Cut and shaped it into a stepstool. Since inside it would be hollowed, those excess boards would be the inner base so that it would hold for a long time and the candies won't fall.
Last would be paint them (according to your theme). Creativity and patience is the key!

Since, I ordered 100pcs of pirate themed cupcakes, I decided half of it would be part of the Candy Station (so that the guests would enjoy the cupcakes early)/ I made a 2-tiered squared shaped cupcake tower with a Styroboard. 
Materials used were: 
Cylindrical styrofoam 
Glue gun and stikcs
Styropaint (in black and red)

For the lootbasket for candies, I specifically made a small paper mache treasure box (from Handicrafts,atbp) for Jacob's party. It was just in plain brown finished and just put a label. Had 100pcs of it and none was left!

Candies and Chocolates: 
These were bought from Divisoria Market (below Divisoria Mall). Assortment of 11+ candies were bought by me and my hubby (3 wks before the party) 
From gummies (in different colors and shapes) - Teeths, worms, rings,sour rings, lips, etc to 
Gumballs, clappers, candy sticks, rattles, bubblegums and gold coins!
Name it we had it! :)
Jacob grabbed a box!
I also ordered additional Pichi-Pichi delicacy from a co-worker.
Moreover, Jacob's ninang, Anabel, sent boxes of Cashew Macaroons (from Trois Restaurant) - so loved it! Also, Ate Czel, Jojo's cousin gave out some candies,too!

Bought the thongs and candy scoops from SM Department Store in Makati.
For Backyardigans' touch - I printed out, stick and cut all the characters, and made them into mini standee for the Candy Station. Nice, huh?

The kids and adults alike had fun with Jacob's candy station!


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