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Monday, October 3, 2011

Parties of Handicrafts,atbp

I'd love to blog every parties our clients shared with us but with the tight schedule I have, I'll try to post from time to time details of their party. 

Enjoy reading! And I hope you could get inspiration from it,too!

One of the most memorable party we had (aside my from son's party) was Jacob Marthy's 1st Vintage Circus Birthday Party (details click here). 

   It's a party of our client, Ms. Mae Perey. We only communicate thru e-mail since she's based in Riyadh (or Dubai?) and we will here in Philippines just in time for the party. She ordered from us almost every products we could offer for the party - from Penholders to Kiddie Stools to Kiddie Chairs - name it,  Jacob Marthy's party has it. 
The theme was so colorful - it's a Vintage Circus party. She just emailed the peg of the design for us to copy and - pooof! And now, a very popular design for parties!

Circus Giveaways
 And this was how they arranged it at Quezon Ballroom of Shangri-la Makati:

Kiddie Stools
 Too bad, I don't have a good photo of the items!

 Also, Kudos to Ms. Claudine of Do me a Favor Shop (she has a store in ATC, check it out!) Love love love the decors! I just learned from Ms. Mae that she doesn't have a website) -

Circus theme

After this party Me and Ms Claudine had 4 more parties! I'll post more details, soon!

 TIPS from an Non-Pro Stylist (hehe) but who loves party planning:

     For a circus themed party, COLORS are the key! Just follow your themed colors. 
         Dessert Station: I love Divisoria - at first, I was hesitant to buy candies from Divi, but I tried (they told me, stores and canteens buy candies from them, too). 
Stick with your color palette. Buy assortments of candies in different colors and shapes. I'm not really a fan of clear jars and vases (maybe because my kid is a boy) or maybe that also depends on your theme, right? Put layers and height to your base - and a Centerpiece, this would be your dessert station's focal point, and with Marthy's party, this huge carousel made a difference! 
dessert station
If you have budget, but minicakes (aside from cupcakes).

For the centerpiece, it's my first time and I was really amazed! I never thought a huge centerpiece would differ this party from any other parties I attended (and I got my inspiration for that for my Jacob's Party - click here)

And still, if you have budget for this, these would be appreciated more by your guests than small centerpieces :) Would make you party simply, Bongga!

table centerpiece
 More details will be posted here, soon!


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