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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

jacob's Pirate Party Printables

Here's the blog on the printables I used for Jacob's Backyardigans Pirate Party .

I always rely with MS Publisher when in comes to design editing and the likes. As per previous posts and topics, I'm not good with Photoshop or any editing tools. 

For the invitation, I decided to make a 2-page invitation in landscape format (Jacob's 1st Birthday Party is in Portrait format). The 1st page is for the Main details of the party and the 2nd is for the map to the venue. 

For the 1st page: I do not put Jacob's picture, instead all the characters of the Backyardigans in Pirate theme (all from google). And synced it with the theme of Pirate. 
Font style: Pieces of Eight
Invitation Size and Format: 5r and Landscape Format
Editing Program: MS Publisher
Here's the final invitation sent to friends and posted in facebook:

Backyardigans Pirate Invitation
Map of the venue
For the 2nd page (map of the venue): I really tried to work it well, but I have a limited space so more of the arrow and direction from a certain point. I incorporated again the designs from the 1st page, and added a candid shot of Jacob wearing a pirate hat.


Pirate Name Tag
Treasure box tag (candy station)

Thank You tag for the giveaways and prizes

Prize tags

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