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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jacob Cedric's Pirate Costume

         I really wanted Jacob to wear a costume on his 2nd Birthday Party (he was just wearing polo shirt and jeans on his 2st Birthday). Good thing, world wide web has lots of photos which I could copy (hehe :-) ). 
We prepared 2 costumes  - One is Backyardigans costume (Pablo) which was shipped to from USA by my cousin, Ate San, as a gift (together with other pirates things and balloons [pirate balloons was used here]). But, Jacob don't want to wear it! (We will just have a separate pictorial for this)

 The costume looks like this (courtesy of Google)
Backyardigans costume
Isn't it cute?

And the 2nd costume was a Pirate Costume. I copied a design from the internet and asked our ever reliable dressmaker to make one for Jacob. She just instructed my mom to buy the fabrics from the local market. 
From this look (courtesy of google)

 To these looks:

Pirate Costume

Jacob in Costume
What can you say, huh? I'm sooo in love with the costume. 
For the white shirt, I just bought  polo shirt from Guess Kids. And for the shoes, it's a gift from Jojo's cousin from USA (when my MIL visited them last summer) - a Limited Edition Lebron James Nike Shoes.
For the skull accessories, we can't find an exact embellishment here in Manila, good thing, SM Toy Kingdom now sell Halloween items - I bought a Skull Hanging Lantern (for only P150.00) and used that as an alternative. 


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