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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jacob Cedric's Backyardigans Pirate Party (Part IV)

Part I: click here
Part II:click here
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Here's the continuation of uber detailed/long post on Jacob's Party


      This time, I'm looking for an affordable yet trusted and has a talent when it comes to party coverage. Fortunately, SP Forum recommends JV All Events Services. (I'm a SP Mom, by the way). I'm glad they accepted our event eventhough they have to travel for 3-4 hours from Manila. And they are way cheaper than everyone else (knowing it's an out of town event). 
      I contacted them thru Facebook and Ceejhei (Sir Jun's daughter from SP Forum), deposited and just reminded them a day before the party. 
      On the date of the party, they arrived early (same as with Kiko's Balloons crews)! And, before, during and after the party, I'm impressed! I never saw them resting - they keep of shooting and taking photos of Jacob, my family and the guests! Same with Sir Rudy, who's in charge of the videography!
       And I'm more impressed, a week after the party - I already received the raw video and photos (in CD) of the party!
       Here are some of the pictures from the party: Be Impressed

Can't wait for the Edited photos, Video teasers and print outs!

JV All Events - Facebook
Contact Numbers: 09168483342 or 9846842
Contact Person: Sir Jun Villanueva


      Last year I also prepared a Candy/Dessert Station (click here) for Jacob's 1st Birthday Party - and surely it was a HIT! So I decided to come up with a candy station again, but the challenge for me now was to recreate an even better and a Pirate Themed Candy Station.
Wit a limited time I had for this (I have lots of commitments for the past months prior to the party), I'm still happy I pulled this off! I could see in every guests' faces how they enjoyed the candy station (especially, it's a new thing for a provincial party like what we had). 

Since it's a Backyardigans Pirate Party, I decided to have a loot treasure box as the candy loot for the guests. I prepared 100 pieces of it, and just put a sticker label (photo below). These are all from Handicrafts,atbp

For the candy jars, I'm not really a fan of glass containers (even last year) since most of the guests were kids, and that won't really fit our theme. Also, Jacob is a boy so I need a not so girly containers for Candy Station. 
So, I decided to make a step-stool. It's a ladder-like decor. I bought all the materials from National Bookstore (free advertisement, huh). The materials were: 
  • a thick Styroboard
  • glue sticks and glue gun
  • Styro paint (in black color) 
  • Illustration boards
  • Poster paints (white and red color)
Cut,shape and stick! That's the key to my DIY Project!

I just patterned the box dimension from Bubba Gump Glass I bought from a recent trip to HK. And reproduce it in 11 pieces (JACOB CEDRIC). I made using MS Publisher letter cutouts of Jacob's complete name (approximately 4-5 inches height). I painted it with white, black and red colors. Lined the inside with a plastic (I worry about the candies that may melt and the paint might stick to them)
And here ye - the finish product!

Candy Buffet
I bought the candies and the gummies from Divisoria. I bought around 11 - 12 assorted candies and gummies. For the gummies, 1/2 kg. of each (from bears to worms to teeths, etc).

The candy scoops (less than P50 for 5 pieces in different sizes and colors) and clear plastic thongs (less than P50 each) were from SM Department Store (Home section). And I also used the scoop from Jacob's Sand pail :)

Also, these were added for more colors to the candy station.

 I also ordered, 2 bilao of Pichi-Pichi from a co-staff in GCMDH after I tasted how yummy the delicacy  was!

More to my surprise, my friend and co-staff, Jacob's Ninang Bel called me up. She gave around 4 boxes of Macaroons! We also had this last year from Trois' Restaurant and Pastry Shop

Ate Czel - Jojo's cousin gave also some candies - Thank you! I also added half of the cupcakes since I ordered 100 pieces of these. I made that cupcake tower, too!

To fit into the theme, I printed out a small standee of each characters of the Backyardigans. 

Guests enjoying the candy station!

Cheers! More posts to come!

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