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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jacob Cedric's 2nd Backyardigans Party (Part II)

 Here's the 2nd part of Jacob's Pirate Party

       I tried looking for another supplier for Jacob’s party but they quoted me way too high. Maybe because it will be our first party together, so, I decided to contact again Kiko’s Balloons and Services. They’re the ones who made Jacob’s 1st Birthday so fab! But this time, I decided to allot less budget on this. I availed same party package as from last year’s Sesame Street party. The only difference is I opted for tarpaulin than styro backdrops. Reasons why I chose this:
      □ Quite expensive for a 2nd Birthday Party though I really wanted it 
    □ I remembered the crews (during planning stage), since they'll all coming from Manila, they will be leaving the venue just after the party wrapped up! I felt guilty, so Tarpaulin was the best thing.

   I just instructed Ms. Kristine through e-mail I wanted a ceiling long balloon drop-like décor since the venue has high-ceiling. Color combination would only be: red-white-black, since it’s a Pirate Party. And they executed it soo well!

Ceiling decor

For the stage, I leave it up to them (how they would decorate it). They put the balloon pillars, together with the cake arch and stage decors in front. Since the pavilion has no flatform of any kind or even a stage, they need to accentuate one side of the pavilion to make it look like a stage, and they did! I’m soo thankful to them. 

Stage Decor
 (This setup gave me an idea that creativity is really the key for fab decors! I never thought cakes and cupcakes would accentuate and give and extra "wow" factor to our stage!

For the table centrepieces, since I provided these, I just asked them to decorate it with long stemmed balloons: design – artist’s discretion. Originally, the plan was to use helium filled balloons, but they told me since they will be comin from Manila – balloons won’t look good if they have to transport it from Manila to Laguna. I handed them some Pirate themed balloons, my Ate San from USA, sent me those (a week before the party)! I soo loved it! (Thank You, ate!) 

 From this look:

To this (during the party): 
Table decor
Table Centerpiece with Jacob and Daddy

The package arrived on time knowing of the risk that LBC could deliver it after the party, soo glad Ate took the risk! (Another blog for this) 

For the ceiling decors, I added some paper mache decors shaped into Pirate’s hook, Sword, hat and boots. 

And one (1) of the boots (bigger dimension) served as the Pinata for the party! The piñata has Backyardigans Pirate Key Chains inside as prizes. (see right side of the photo)

Backyardigans Key Chains

Party details
I put the party details at the back of the key chains.
Thank Ye Matey!
Jacob Cedric @ 2

Moreover, with the package I availed, it comes with a free Balloon Bursts with 50 pieces of small balloons inside. I instructed Ms. Kristine (thru e-mail) to put 3 notes on 3 small balloons for a special prize.
Jacob's playing with the balloon

Balloon Burst

At the entrance to the Pavilion, I asked our artist to make a Huge Letter Standee for the party. Spelled out JACOB at 2. I just instructed them of the height (in feet) of each letters and painted them it with Red (specifically Jollibee RED). Result: Everybody was awed with it! 

Entrance Decor
Most of the guests took photos on each letters (like what we did!) 

 Also, I added 2 Parrot (paper mache) since they matched the whole Pirate Theme of the Party!

 (looks realistic on photos, huh!)

All the letter standees and Boots Pinata are from Handicrafts,atbp
Price: not available (contact me) 
Verdict: Kiko’s Balloons – there would be another party for us Together! Visit their site! 


Since the party will be in the province, the best choice for cake supplier is within the area. So I went to my ever reliable cake maker from Laguna - Ms. Laura of Marinella's Cake Shop in Siniloan, Laguna.

     Ka Laura (as I call her) made my Debut Cake, and Jacob's Christening Cakes and Cupcakes. I gave her 3 preferred cake designs I googled from the internet and based the design from it. It could bear the theme, either Backyardigans or Pirate, or better both.
I assumed she don't know much about Backyardigans, so I really expect a Pirate Themed Cake.
When I saw it at the venue! Oh My -- I fell in love with it! She did what she best can for Jacob's cakes, minicakes and cupcakes! They were placed at the front, on stage.

Pirate Cake
I'm glad Ms. Laura opted for a different shade (not red,black and white combination), because, the cakes and cupcakes really stood out!

Closer Shot - see details
Pirate Cupcakes
Half of the cupcakes were placed on the Candy/Dessert Station and half with the Cakes and Minicakes.

Price: I'm not really sure but I remembered it costs me more or less P3000.00 for all! 1 2-layered cake, 11 Minicakes (which also served as giveaways) and 100 cupcakes. So cheap, right! But really, it takes soo good!

VERDICT: Til our next party!


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