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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (5th Part)

And now, with the food cart. Originally, I wanted NYFD Food Cart and Nestle Ice Cream or Yoghurt Froz or Shawarma be part of the Jacob's big event. But, with NYFD, I emailed them (twice), no reply was received. I didn't insist...
I love and addicted with White Hat Yogurt, but since they do not have food cart for parties, I decided to have Yoghurt Froz (I took samples from Rustan's Makati Kids Section), I asked for calling card and texted the number indicated. I was so disappointed.. I am really an eager client and willing to pay for their service, but the person who replied to me texted me back that I should call a certain number.. What's the use of tthe Mobile Number indicated on the number if they are not that eager answering queries from clients?!
So, I said to my husband, since I love eating Crepes and I know the guests will surely enjoy taking a bite, why not a Crepe Food Cart?! I "googled" and saw Krispy Krepe Food cart. 
From the previous postings, I think they had some branches at the mall bu now they are home-based. I contacted Jomar, and patiently replied to my queries. The good thing about it? He didn't ask for downpayment..! I just gave it full right after the party.
It's a good thing I availed their service - It's A Big Hit at the party! Long line of guests patiently waiting for their turn to take a bite from Krispy Krepe!

Thank you Krispy Krepe!

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