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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (3rd Part)

Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (1st Part)
Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (2rd Part)

Since I left Prestige Tower Roofdeck to prepare for the party, I just asked Ms. Kristine (Kiko's Balloons) and Ms. Salou (Prestige Tower) to setup the Candy Station which was supposedly my project. But since I cannot do it anymore on time, I really need their help!
When I got back, I just saw a beautifully decorated/arranged Candy Station!  The DIY 3-tiered plate project was placed the way I wanted it... Also, the candies,chocolates.. and my DIY candy cups (replaced candy lootbags). 

My cousin Dada with the Candy Station

Some of the guests took photos of what they got from the station. 
I'm just so proud of myself and the people who helped setting up Mr. Hooper's Candy Station".

I bought assorted gummies (worms, rings, teeths), gumballs, egg-shaped chocolates, chocolate coins, mallows, chocolates,etc. Most of them were bought at Divisoria Mall (basement area). At first, I was kinda hesistant but the seller assured me that they're safe to eat and school canteens buy candies from them. Well, I think, now, it's safe to say that they are safe to use/eat in setting up a DIY Candy Station (no guests complained anything from me regarding the candies!)

Since, Chocolate fountain in parties is an "IN" thing, I decided to have one for Jacob's Special Day! I availed Ms. Emmalyn Mostajo's My Chocolate Heaven .
The Platinum Package I got from her has two (2) Chocolate Fountains! One was Premium Brown Chocolate and a Red Colored Chocolate Fountain. What makes it more exciting are the added gourmet donuts I ordered from her. In fact, the guests loved it! (Biased - haven't tasted it).

I love The Dessert Station!

My Chocolate Heaven

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