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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (2nd Part)

 Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (1st Part)
Jacob Cedric's Uber fun Party! (3rd Part)

When we arrived at the venue to drop off things for decoration, prizes and giveaways, I already saw Erwin (Win)of Sophia photography, very consistent! They already setup the photostudio (photobooth) and ready to take photo!
There are lots of crew present! 2 photographers for the whole party and around 4 persons in-charge of photostudio!
I appreciate the effort and patience taking photos and waiting for Jacob to get in the mood and show his big smile! Can't wait for the raw and photos from them. 

Photostudio Pictures:

more photos: click here

Photos: 1st part: from SophiaPhotography

more photos: click here

rating: 9/10
  • they are very prompt! 
  • very professional though goofy-looking (you won't take them seriously, as if their just playing!)
  • everybody loves the photostudio they setup for the party
  • the only thing, was, they dont have Contract of Agreement (a clearer,detailed one)
Thank You Win and to your team!
Sophia Photography

Ms. Emily Uy of Sugarbox Cakes made the cakes and cupcakes for the event. Since the I saw her multiply account, and read positive feedbacks on her creations, I contacted her. Placed my order and reservation. She sent me layout how the cake and cupcake would look like.. and I love it!
I don't have a clearer photo of the cake and cupcakes, but they really complemented the whole event! Super like! 
The only thing was, I have tasted even a single a bite from it! 

2-layer for blowing cake

cupcake tower

Sesame Street cake

One of the cupcake designs from the cake package (Oscar the Grouch)

rating: 9/10
  • I love the cake especially the cupcakes!
  • Haven't tasted the cake, I'm being biased to give 10 
Emily Uy of Sugarbox Cakes

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