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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Updated! Jacob 1st Birthday party Preparation

Whew! after the last blog i posted for the upcoming Sesame Street Party of Jacob, my plan turned 360degrees!! Most of the important details of the party has been changed! Good thing for me, as early as 2010 started, i'm already planning and setting my mind straight..
Here's what I've learned from planning half a year ahead of time:

a. Lots of time to prepare
1. finances - this subject worry me much from the start, though i know we have enough, alloted budget for this, but for me to give Jacob a perfect and grand 1st b-day party - it's one of a heck bunch of moolahs!!
Adv: Good thing about this was, i have ample time to search for the best and affordable supplies, suppliers that would fit into my pocket.
Disadv: Too many inputs, opinions shared by other moms on the forum added another page inmy party checklist! = more moolahs to spend!!

2. theme - though from the start Sesame Street was the only theme on my mind,  but with the release of 2010 movies, my gosh-- i thought i gonna cancel all my reservations and considering other themes..   
adv: as early as my theme was set, i searched where to buy supplies, favors that wil fit my theme. Scout for suppliers who could provide me with this..
disadv: Too many twist crossed my mind while "googling" ex. Sesame Street Party Live! etc. waaahhh!

Anyways, here's the updated preparation for my son's party

a. Date: originally twas set on his actual natal day, but for some reason that the venue couldn't accomodate us, and the convenience of the date it was moved a day after:
Final: 12 Sept 2010
b. Venue and Caterer: at the 1st blog, i cited that we'll celebrate it at Shanghai garden Resort in Betterliving, but due to some consideration in the weather (Sept) and a possible distraction to the kids attention (by the pool), we changed the plan and decided to have it at Prestige Tower Roofdeck in Ortigas

Review and Details:
Ms. Salou of Prestige Tower, is so nice that everything i asked from her for the party, she gave in... I just hope no one will book from 10am-2pm on Sept 12...
Details: made DP (with contract on hand)
The good thing abour Prestige is I saved around 8k-10k of money since we reached 15k of reserved order for the party, the venue is free-of-charge.
Steamed Rice
Lemon Chicken
Pork Ragout
Creamy Bacon Spaghetti
Mongolian vegetable
Buco Lychees
Drinks (1) Round of Iced tea

c. Party details:
Date: 12 Sept 2010
Time: program starts at 4pm
Where: Prestige Tower Roofdeck

d. Decorator: Kiko's Balloons Services ( and Details: Ms. Kristine, the one who promptly reply and answer my queries is so nice.. I reserve and will avail their Package 4 of balloon decorations:
  • Balloon décor package 4
Inclusive of:
            Full styro setup
-         stage backdrop
-         character standys
-         personalized welcome sign for the entrance
Two balloon columns (upgraded with big foil character head)
Ten (10) pcs balloon table centerpiece with theme mylar balloons
Floating balloons (250 pcs) – balloon drops
Balloon burst
Balloon clusters for stage floor
Mini cake table arch
Cloth swags for ceiling (in color motif)
DP made and contract on hand! I'm excited to see this on Jakey's Party!!

e. Entertainment: Lambert Flores Bubble Show (
I saw this on multiple and so amazed with his show, we booked him.. but for some reasons, we encountered problems
a- he didn't informed us, that his 2nd team will be the one performing
b- a nega review from forum
We already made DP and i got worried.. So Jojo settled this thing up and made contract with them...
Package 2:

B.)  MAGIC SHOW with Live animal

3.) BALOON TWISTING show before the start of the party
50 kids will be given a balloon twist
4.) 2 PARTY MOTIFS -– Winnie the pooh, Mickey mouse or any motif that you want to have for your party!
5.) HOST-We will emcee the entire party in English or Taglish
6.) PARLOR GAMES (EDUCATIONAL) - Games for the kids & Adults 
7.) PARLOR GAME PROPS- We will provide for the props for the games.
8.) COLORING CONTEST - before the party starts
9.) ACTION SONGS - We will teach the kids Educational Action songs 
10.) NAMETAGS-We will distribute Nametags before the party starts. 
11.) STORYTELLING for the kids to LEARN valuable lessons
12.) CD MUSIC- We will provide CD Music for the party
13) NAMETAGS (We only use standard white nametags)
14.) TABLE MAGIC at the start of the party

f. Cake and Cupcakes - Sugarbox by Ms. Emily-Uy (

A.     50pcs cupcakes Set Up
Inclusive of: Cake stand Rental
Cake for blowing 2 layer ( 10x3 and 6x3)
Top layer
Packaging ( Box – additional 2.00 each, Dome cover – no extra cost)
Price: 6,500 
I really wanted Ms. Emily to make Jacob's cake, eventhough i still search for other cake makers, i still choose and made DP with her. Just waiting for the cake layout for approval.. Weehh..

g. Photography and Photostudio/Photobooth - Sophia Photography (

I had constant exchange of SMS wkith Win of Sophia's and made DP of only 1k.. i saw one of his photostudio setup and loved it-- and i just wanted it be part of my son's party.. I'm still waiting for the contract and details for the party setup.. I really need to see this and have copy of it..  haist..

h. Videography - Mediamonsters Productions (
At first, i'm really considering and about to make DP with Thorproductions, but i find them quite expensive, and one time, i saw mediamonsters site and after some queries they already sent me proposal! I'm really impressed. (i'm a type of person who wanted everything be in black and white eh).. With their offer, i pencil booked my date and will DP next month.

i. Giveaways and prizes For the kids - kiddie stools

For the adults: tissue holder SS design

Prizes: Major Prizes: Plush toys and candy machines orderd from

Minor Prizes: Pen holder SS customized design as per order by me


School supplies/stationery set (SS theme)
Hand towels and face towels c/o SM

j. Dessert Station - My Chocolate haven (
I pencil booked my event with Ms. Emmalyn and will DP next month. I will avail their platinum
package and 100 gourmet donuts
Platinum Package
Php 5,500
         4 hours service (inclusive of setup)
         Your choice of 4kl chocolate fondue on two 2-layer chocolate fountain
         Your choice of 10 dippings
o         4 regular non-fruit,
o         2 special non-fruit,
o         3 regular fruit, and
o         1 special fruit
         Free colored sprinkles and honey coated crispies
         Good for 150-180 pax
         **Add P1000 and exchange two 2-layer chocolate fountain for one 3-layer fountain.

k. Candy Buffet - DIY Ate San from US is so generous that she will send package for jacob's party including candies and chocolates for the buffet.. i hope i could pull this thing off!! On hands are candy scoopers, some candy containers and canisters and a notebook full of ideas! haha...

l. Table centerpieces - DIY
I really wanted a personalized table centerpiece and decoration for the party.. As early as april, i'm scouting for the centerpiece design that will fit SS. And i'm just so proud of myself!! I almost done with 2 table centerpieces.. take a peek!!

Not yet done with that, but i'm just so proud of it!! 10 tables more!!! m. Party headgears -haileighshaven Though i have partyhats on hand, i really wanted a unique party headgear for the kids and adults (for early birds!) will just order 50pcs (both adult and kids).. i saw this site at multiply and contacted, though they weren't as prompt as other suppliers in replying with queries, i'm still gonna avail their service. At first, i'll be the one who will make this gear but i'm so overload withwork and other DIYs for the party, i decided to hire them.. Here's the sample i asked from them. and subject for approval for other character designs i asked.. waiting for the samples!

n. Invitations and thank you tags,nametags etc - DIY
I have lots of ideas for this, but after sometime i settle with this designa and about to print for production weeehhh!!
Invites will be placed inside a handmade envelope with feather (from Bigbird haha) and the thank you tags will be tied up and stick to the giveaways/prizes/favors
i just took picture using my iphone, unrecognizable file format for attach haha)

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as i do, and as excited as me!! Hey, it's Jakey's 1st bday!! Haha..


Robin and Emz said...

hi sis! nice to know that you're also a blogger like me=) enjoy the party preps!

Grace Anonuevo said...

Hi sis! thank you!can't wait for Jacob's Party.. and you're part of it! See yah!..

michikoo said...

aha! so you're the one who booked ahead of us(for prestige)..hahaha, never thought i'd find you here...i read your blog, awesome're really a supermom! kudos to you...the centerpieces look great..i'm sure little jacob will have a great party...=)

let me know how it goes please, we're booked the saturday after.. =)thanks..

Grace Garcia- Anonuevo said...

@ms michikoo: thanks for the compliment! and for the centerpeieces too.. just a super OC mom.. haha!
Sure no prob.. i'l blog what will happen to Jacob's Party :)
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Where did you order the party headgear from?

Grace Garcia- Anonuevo said...

Hi! i designed those party headgear and ask a party headdress maker to come up with that! I'll post feedback after the party. Haven't received the final products. Thanks!

Birthday Party Ideas said...

Wow! That's gonna be a very fun party I'm sure!
Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

dancilhoney said...

A Birthday Party Checklist is important because it can help parents get their act together in a more organized manner.

Anonymous said...

sis, do you have any idea kng ano yng mga materials to create the headdress? feeling ko kc mas mkkatipid kng ako ggawa kesa magorder e. garter, round styro lng ang alam ko.

Anonymous said...

where did you order the headgear?

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