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Friday, May 28, 2010

Review: Expo Mom 3, A date with my Hubby

        For a couple of weeks, since i saw the ads on Expo Mom 3, i make "kulit" with Jojo that we should go and check out the Expo. It's my first time to attend their event, and when i made a deal with Jojo (Jacob will be left at home with my parents), i searched for the booths and exhibitors who will be present on the said event.

May 23, 2010
-past 5am:  left Laguna and travel back to Mla
Good thing t'was Sunday, and no traffic along SLEX

-past 9am: arrived at Taguig
                 travel our way to Rockwell Tent

10am: expo opens 

Stuffs i bought for Jacob (it's all about him!)
a. Shooshoos - i am really in love with this shoes, someone recommended in to me thru forum and saw their site (distributor in Phils). When i learned that they will be one of the exhibitors, i know i'll buy a pair of shoe (at least) for my baby.
- The seller is nice as she was when i emailed her
- Gave a 5% discount since they have promo for May
- Gave me the cutest shoe/sandal type for Jacob. It's perfect
Rating: 9+++
When Jacob saw it and put it on his feet, he walked with it! I love it.. The only thing i didn't much like about this, the garter (strap) is so tight, had hard time putting it on his feet.

This item wasn't on my things to buy.. But when i saw this cute plushie, a perfect toy/pillow/blanket for travel.. I know i won't leave the tent without having one..  

Price: P2000
Other designs i like were out of stocks so with the recommendation of the seller, i chose Tama the Turtle!
When we got home and showed it to Jacob, he likes it too! What's so cute about this, when me and mom said "turtle" she repeated it twice! Even heard by dad! Too bad Jojo wasn't around. It may be a "tsamba" for Jacob but hearing him mimic words i say, makes me feel so proud of him! And he's just 8 month old baby..
 Rating: 9++ - because i find it very useful especially for travel!

Expo Mom 3: Review i have many expectations from the expo,i'm expecting more exhibitors (maybe in the next event- at ATC) as compare with the other expos I've been. But the good catch is, lots of freebies!! And maybe Jacob is really our lucky charm-- We just won from the raffle! They contacted us and told that we won a jacket and car shade, haven't claimed it though.. Twas really unexpected!
Rating: 8+++ for good stuff I bought from the Expo and for the raffle draws and freebies from exhibitors and sponsors. 

Congrats to the organizers!!

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