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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Familia Zaragosa 2nd Gen: Tagaytay Getaway

          It's been months since we, the Familia Zaragosa had some fun time to together -- beers, cigarettes and laughters altogether.. I'm missin the times when we all gather and spend Sundays together-- may it be at the mall, house or parks..
         I chanced upon our photos from the last Beer Getaway/Gimik/Tambay we had, and thought of sharing this to the world. I'm just so proud that from 7 original members (Ate San, Ate Awi, Ada Marie, Claue, AC, Jojo and Me), another has been added! Jeffrey- The first gimik he had with us! Welcome kiddo!

              This Tagaytay getaway was the perfect "The Repeat" Alak-Yosi-Chika of Laiya BF Homes Gimik years ago.

Moments to Remember: 
Date: 27 December 2009
Place: Knuckles Bar (formerly Cafe Lupe) Tagaytay City
          Starbucks Tagaytay Branch
 Time: 8pm-4am
Pick up-Destination-Drop off: Taguig-Gatchalian-BF Resort-Dasma-Tagaytay and vice versa

1) Catch up chikas!
- the last time we had this - i'm still single haha
- AC was still studying
- Sis Dada's Revelation (note: secrets)
- Ate San is still single
- Ate Awie as Dra. Holmes (haha)
- Mushi is late!
- Jojo is the official tagahatid-sundo and with former employer
- Jepoy is still a kid!!

2) Beers, Yosi and More!
         On our way to the bar, Jepoy, being the youngest in the group commented "Hindi ko akalain nagyoyosi pla kayo!" And everyone laughed.. This is the biggest secret of the group - We're not allowed to smoke!
Moment caught on Cam: Lagot ka Ate San!! haha

The Drinks
and the tipsy Jepoy! Ayaw papigil sa alak! haha..
3) Mushi's Crying Moment
Lagot ka AC!! Well, t'was the first we saw Claue really cried - as in alot!! We're all clueless why, tsk tsk tsk AC! Ate Awie brought it up pa kc eh hehe.. But after the night ends, everything was settle- Whew!!
Lesson learned: don't let Ate Awie talk when she's drinking too much... Calling Dra. Holmes! Haha

4) Starbucks Tambay
It's a routine for us to do, that after some beers and yosi, Starbucks is the next! Good thing for us Jojo gave us GCs to spend! Muahh.. 
- The season where Starbucks give Planners for 2010! Nagaawayan pa kanino mapupunta ung stickers and planner! haha
- Jepoy made permission (to Ate san) if he could have a henna tattoo! Hello Galera?Boracay?! haha... he's still a kid -- yaan nio na! haha
- Not stop kwento - same topic - same people - more infos haha
- More yosi

It's a Getaway worth keeping.. I just missed them.. Ulitin natin next year,when Ate San's here in PI...

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